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Silly and Harmless: Watch the Works of These Tricksters on Cars

 We all appreciate a good laugh with friends, don't we? Some of us like to go to the extent of practical jokes, quickly escalating into prank wars between friends! These are totally harmless, although sometimes inconvenient. The trick is to take it with a healthy dose of humor. Enjoy this compilation of pranksters taking the fart-cushion gag to some expert-level car pranks.

1. This one is "dyed" with post-its making it look like a toy car

car wrapped in post-its

2. This one is 100% scratch proof

car wrapped in nylon

3. This car's interior turned into a kiddie ball pool

car's interior kiddie pool

4. A tsunami of Orbeez!

car filled with orbeez

5. Colors of the (windshield wiper) rainbow

painted rainbow on cars windshild

6. This one is ready for launch in 10...9...8...

cars wrapped as pranks

7. This spooky one is fit for Halloween

cars wrapped as pranks

8. Hmm... I wonder what this one could be?

cars wrapped as pranks

9. This car is carved entirely out of snow to fool the local parking officer into writing a ticket!

cars wrapped as pranks

10. This one is "pierced" with arrows

car with arrows prank

11. An original take on an urban garden

car wrapped in grass

12. At least they'll never run out of tissues...

car wrapped in toilet paper

13. This last one is super absorbent

car wrapped in maxi pads
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