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These Soulful Photos Depict Bygone Days in Vivid Color!

 It’s crazy how much life has changed in the past few decades. If you could time-travel into the past and tell your parents or your child self about the world in 2021, would they believe you? But even with all the technological advancements and unlimited knowledge available to us today, we all feel nostalgic from time to time.
Remembering childhood and early adulthood with all the good and the bad, looking through old photos does feel like time travel, in a way, especially if those photos aren’t staged and depict everyday life as we can remember it.
Colorized Photos by Sébastien de Oliveira
These are exactly the kinds of vintage photos the French digital artist Sébastien de Oliveira chooses to colorize. For Oliveira, a father of two and a professional retoucher for the fashion industry, adding color to the images of the past is a fulfilling hobby.
The vivid images colorized by Oliveira teleport us into a familiar yet distant era through simple things like family picnics, movie-going, dating, and bike-riding. Looking through these splendid pictures is guaranteed to make you nostalgic!
Colorized Photos by Sébastien de Oliveira
View more of these beautifully colorized photos by Sébastien de Oliveira on his Instagram Page.
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