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15 Big Cats Who Think They’re Just a Regular Cat

 When it comes to the cat family, there’s a world of difference between the modern-day, cute domesticated ones we have as pets in the house and the ferocious large ones found in the jungles. While we are all aware that the adorable kitty that snuggles up at your feet is different than the huge lions and tigers tearing their prey apart in a forest, there might be more similarities among them than you thought.

For example, in these photos, you will see how some wild big cats are behaving exactly like cute little kittens! From relishing a belly rub to sitting in a box the moment they see one, it’s ridiculous how similar their behaviors are…But then again, they are from the same family, after all.

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1. He was probably disappointed that he didn't get a bigger box to play with 

Big Cats, jungle cat

2. Who needs soft grass to rest when you have a comfortable box instead?

Big Cats, leopard

3. Ah... Gotta soak in some Vitamin D

Big Cats, lion sun

4. Do they even realize how adorable they look?

Big Cats, lion

5. "This looks comfortable. I think I will stay here all day..."

Big Cats,

6. When they are hungry and put on a display

Big Cats, tiger

7. Guess every cat loves cuddles...

Big Cats, cuddles

8. And a belly rub...

Big Cats, belly rub

9. Patiently waiting for the treat

Big Cats, lunch

10.  "I don't even remember how I got here"

Big Cats, puma

11. He's found his favorite spot to nap 

Big Cats, nap

12. Time for some foot rubs! 

Big Cats, foot rubs

13. "Mine, mine! All mine!!!"

Big Cats, jaguar

14. If it's a hanging toy, they just have to go for it

Big Cats, lion, toy

15. Someone's really enjoying the car ride

Big Cats, car ride, cheetah
All images source: aubtu.biz
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