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17 Terrific Charts to Expand Your General Knowledge

 ‘We live and we learn’ is one life motto we at Babamail definitely stand behind. After all, learning and staying inquisitive, no matter your age, occupation, or status, is one of the most rewarding and motivating parts of our lives. We have a treat for those of you who are proud to call yourselves lifelong learners. It’s a collection of 17 fascinating charts, maps, and tables that will enrich your knowledge in geography, nutrition, linguistics, and anything in-between! 

Tip: if it’s difficult for you to read one of these pictures, click on the image itself, and it will expand in size.
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charts clouds
charts time to drive
charts scoville chart for peppers
charts words related to flat
charts names of large numbers
charts UK US translations
charts shrimp sizes
charts light pollution in europe
charts sharks
charts Roman Britain
charts road safety signals
charts accuracy vs precision
charts deserts in north america
charts tires
charts shortest city names US states
charts vitamins and minerals in fruit
Source of all images: Acidcow
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