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These 10 Antique Household Items Are Real Works of Art!

 We’re not here to complain about contemporary furniture, but it’s pointless to deny the fact that the craftsmen of the past knew a thing or two more about creating lasting and beautiful interior design pieces than your local IKEA. Once you see the 10 antique household items we’re about to showcase, you too will wish that your hairbrush, stove, or water heater was from the Edwardian or the Victorian era!

1. Can you believe it, baby strollers used to look like THIS?

Antique Household Items stroller
Image Source: Izismile

2. Antique sewing machines like this one were built into a table. Once you're done with your craft, you were able to fold it and use it as an ordinary table.

Antique Household Items foldable sewing machine
Image Source: Reddit

3. This is a Great Majestic Wood Cook Stove from the late 19th century, isn't it beautiful?

4. "A boar bristle sterling silver hairbrush from my great-grandmother’s vanity set. Made by William Aitken in Birmingham in 1902."

Antique Household Items silver hairbrush
Image Source: Reddit

5. A pair of antique baby rattles

Antique Household Items baby rattles
Image Source: Izismile

6. Tile fireplaces like this one were once commonplace

Antique Household Items Tile fireplaces
Image Source: Izismile

7. This American house was built in 1874. All the radiators are artfully concealed.

Antique Household Items radiators
Image Source: Izismile

8. This is a restored Ruud tank, an antique water heater

Antique Household Items Ruud tank
Image Source: Imgur

9. A cash register from 1904

Antique Household Items  cash register from 1904
Image Source: Reddit

10. Wouldn't you love looking at this gorgeous mirror every morning?

Antique Household Items mirror
Image Source: Izismile
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