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These Beautiful Antique Items Have Been Touched by History

Purchasing something new is a nice feeling, but there is real magic to owning an antique item that’s been passed down through generations. Antique or vintage objects can bear extra merit not just because of their aesthetic and historical value, but also due to their sturdiness, durability, and environmental friendliness. 

If you happen to love antiques just like we do, you will surely appreciate the collection of photos below. These are some of the most unique, interesting, and beautiful items people found when they were hunting for antiques. Take a look.

1. "My dad restored a 1929 Ford Model A after 40 years of waiting. We helped out over the course of 3 years, and I edited this photo to make us looks like 20s gangsters."Beautiful and Unique Antique Items 1929 Ford model A

2. A 300-year-old library tool that enabled a researcher to have seven books open at once.Beautiful and Unique Antique Items library tool

3. An original Edwardian dressBeautiful and Unique Antique Items Edwardian dress

4. A Victorian-style cathedral birdcage today. It’s 7 ft (2 m) tall!Beautiful and Unique Antique Items birdcage

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5. "There's something about a jet black cartonnage (layers of linen or papyrus covered with plaster) binding lit up with gold gilt, highlighted with flowering designs. The book is Le Manuscrit Bleu, 1848."
Beautiful and Unique Antique Items 1848 book

6. Freshly excavated 2,000-year-old Terracotta warriors are still showing their original color scheme. Photographed in 1974.Beautiful and Unique Antique Items terracotta warriors

7. A turn-of-the-century copy of Alice in Wonderland. Exact date unknown. Beautiful and Unique Antique Items Alice in Wonderland book

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8. "My Great-Great-Grandfather started a plumbing business in St. Paul, MN in the 1880s. I just inherited his desk."Beautiful and Unique Antique Items desk

9. "Found this wonderful 17th-century doodle inside a Bible I'm restoring."Beautiful and Unique Antique Items doodle in bible

10. A Vendo 44 vending machine from the 50s. This is the smallest machine Vendo ever made.Beautiful and Unique Antique Items vending machine

11. A 1909 Wooden Koken Congress restoredBeautiful and Unique Antique Items 1909 chair

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12. A silver World War II Naval Aviator sweetheart broochBeautiful and Unique Antique Items brooch

13. "Medicine cabinet in one of my grandma's rarely used bathrooms."
Beautiful and Unique Antique Items medicine cabinet

14. Art Deco butterfly brooch, Norwegian silver and enamel, marked for H C Østrem.
Beautiful and Unique Antique Items butterfly brooch

15. A 1920s Belgian embroidery folding screen
Beautiful and Unique Antique Items folding screen

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16. "My great-great-grandfather’s school textbooks from the late 1800s. The oldest one is from 1860."Beautiful and Unique Antique Items 1800s school books

17. A Late Georgian 18-karat gold emerald-and-diamond ring
Beautiful and Unique Antique Items diamond ring

18. Top hat, circa 19th century, OhioBeautiful and Unique Antique Items top hat

19. "Six months ago, I bought the photo on the right from an antique mall. Yesterday, I went back and purchased the photo on the left. Only after getting home did I realize that they’re the same kids, just taken a few years apart!"Beautiful and Unique Antique Items photograph

20. Three early 20th-century English microscopes Beautiful and Unique Antique Items microscopes

Source of images: r/Antiques / Reddit

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