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Brr!!! Russia Isn’t For Those Who Don’t Like Cold Weather

 Imagine having been served a delicious breakfast of hot noodles and eggs. But even before you can take a bite, they are frozen! This is what can happen to people in Russia during the winter season. Most of the country has a continental climate but the winters there are unbelievably harsh and long at times. Temperatures during the cold months can drop to as low as -45°C, making life uncomfortable for the people. 

However, the Russians do know how to enjoy the winter season even if it’s insanely cold outside. So much so, that they don’t even mind having a scoop of ice-cream… in shorts! Here, we have presented a few photos that give us a glimpse of what life is like during winter in Russia. From mesmerizing snow-covered trees to frosted eyebrows, these chilly pics are not for the faint-hearted.

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1. When you're in Siberia during winter, every inch of everyone's body needs to be covered... 

Winter Season Russia, Siberia
Image source: Instagram

2. No, this isn't an invisible person having their breakfast. This is a picture of Novosibirsk, where temperatures slide down to - 40°C at times.

Winter Season Russia, breakfast
Image source: Twitter

3. Beautiful frost patterns in Novosibirsk.

Winter Season Russia,frost
Image source: Instagram

4. This is Russia's amazing white season.

Winter Season Russia, white season.
Image source: Instagram

5. Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.

Winter Season Russia, Lake Baikal
Image source: Reddit

6. This is how the cityscape looks like when it's -42 °C in Novosibirsk.

Winter Season Russia, cityscape
Image source: Instagram

7. When you wanted to dry your clothes out in the sun but they froze instead. 

Winter Season Russia, clothes
Image source: Instagram

8. Wonder how these beautiful birds survive in freezing temperatures of -38 °C!

Winter Season Russia, birds
Image source: Instagram

9. This winter sunrise in Siberia looks so incredibly beautiful.

Winter Season Russia, winter sunrise
Image source: Instagram

10. Selfies in Siberia during the winter months often look like this...

Winter Season Russia, siberia
Image source: Twitter

11. Frozen trees at Lake Baikal. Beautiful!

Winter Season Russia, Lake Baikal
Image source: Twitter

12. The nature of the Novosibirsk region during winter looks so mesmerizing! 

Winter Season Russia, nature
Image source: Instagram

13. It's as if someone painted the landscape with hues of white! 

Winter Season Russia, landscape
Image source: Instagram

14. Santa Claus is coming to town... in a boat. This cold weather was too much even for his reindeer.

Winter Season Russia, Santa Claus
Image source: Instagram

15. There are few things as beautiful as a frost-covered Siberia.

Winter Season Russia, frost-covered Siberia
Image source: Instagram

16. This bridge in Novosibirsk appears to be hovering over snowy clouds. 

Winter Season Russia, bridge
Image source: Instagram

17. When it's -45°C in Russia, the nights look surreal.

Winter Season Russia, nights
Image source: Twiter 

18. The charming colors of winter in the city of Novosibirsk.

Winter Season Russia, Novosibirsk, house
Image source: Twitter

19. Splashing around in the snow must be so much fun!

Winter Season Russia, snow
Image source: Instagram

20. When it's -33 °C but you still gotta have your ice-cream... In shorts!

Winter Season Russia, ice-cream
Image source: Instagram
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