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#Animals2020 Captures the Beauty of Wildlife of the World

 There’s something so pure and reassuring about seeing a wild animal utterly free and at ease in its natural surroundings. Unfortunately, a majority of us haven’t been able to visit any national park or forest reserve this year to gape at animals owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. This is where Agora’s #Animals2020 contest has come as a boon for nature lovers.
Agora is a free-to-use mobile app that has launched many wonderful photography competitions in recent times. In August this year, they started the #Animals2020 photo contest and invited photographers all over the world to submit their best shots of living creatures at their finest. The contest received a whopping 13,888 photos of all kinds of animals in different parts of the world. Here, we have selected some of the best photographs from the competition. From African elephants and Icelandic horses to sea turtles and barn owls, these pictures show how beautiful the animal kingdom truly is. 

1. Winner: "Iguana" by @jjnmatt (Indonesia)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Animal Photos, Iguana
Image source: Agora

2. "Motherlove" by @olmospatricia (Spain)

Location: Australia

Animal Photos, "Motherlove" by @olmospatricia
Image source: Agora

3. "Family" by @mannylibrodo (Philippines)

Location: Surin, Thailand

Animal Photos, elephant
Image source: Agora

4. "Baby Monkey" by @prabuds (Indonesia)

Location: Kedoya Utara, Indonesia

Animal Photos, Baby Monkey
Image source: Agora

5. "Focused" by @leo.wies (Germany)

Location: Germany

Animal Photos, lynx
Image source: Agora

6. "Fierce" by @pitokung (Indonesia)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Animal Photos, tiger
Image source: Agora

7. "Misty Heather Field In Full Bloom" by @glennanthonie (Netherlands)

Location: Laren, Netherlands

Animal Photos, cattle
Image source: Agora

8. "Arctic Fox" by @photoepb (Spain)

Location: Iceland

Animal Photos, Arctic Fox
Image source: Agora

9. "Into The Darkness" by @alan_gallo (Italy)

Location: Dobbiaco Lake, Italy

Animal Photos, swan
Image source: Agora

10. "All The Shades Of Blue" by @makyandmatt (Czech Republic)

Location: Gili Meno, Indonesia

Animal Photos, turtle
Image source: Agora

11. "With Mom" by @sofyanefendi (Indonesia)

Location: Waykambas National Park, Indonesia

Animal Photos, elephants
Image source: Agora

12. "Icelandic" by @samuelemiccoli (Italy)

Location: Kirkjufell, Iceland

Animal Photos, horse
Image source: Agora

13. "The Barn Owl Has Landed" by @philrobson (UK)

Location: Northumberland, UK

Animal Photos, owl
Image source: Agora

14. "Lioness Pride" by @freeilli (Italy)

Location: Etosha, Namibia

Animal Photos, Lioness Pride
Image source: Agora

15. "Young Panda" by @polatina (Poland)

Location: Breeding Panda Center, Chengdu, China

Animal Photos, Panda
Image source: Agora

16. "Wolves" by @spanikar (Canada)

Location: Montreal, Canada

Animal Photos, Wolves
Image source: Agora

17. "Close Encounter" by @onkwelphoto (France)

Location: Chamonix, France

Animal Photos, ibex
Image source: Agora

18. "Horses" by @bahrambayat (Iran)
Location: Iran

Animal Photos, Horses
Image source: Agora

19. "Moment" by @alexcao (Vietnam)

Location: Quang Ngai, VietNam

Animal Photos, bird
Image source: Agora

20. "A Tower Of Giraffe" by @_kennyc_ (UK)
Location: Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation, Zimbabwe

Animal Photos, Giraffe
Image source: Agora
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