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14 Comparison Photos of Foods at Restaurants and Their Ads

 Most of us don't expect to get picture-perfect food every time we order something at a restaurant. But when one sees a picture on the menu or an advertisement of a specific dish on a restaurant's website, one does expect to receive a dish that's at least remotely similar to the picture. Unfortunately, though, this is not always the case, and many companies take advantage of deceptive advertising, it seems. The difference in the way these 14 foods are advertised and the way they look in real life is staggering.

1. Cookies and cream stuffed French toast

Food Ads vs Reality Cookies And Cream Stuffed French Toast
Image Source: Reddit

2. Is this even the same dish?

3. Cheese fries

Food Ads vs Reality Cheese fries from buffalo wild wings
Image Source: Reddit

4. "This is why you check your food before you leave the restaurant..."

5. This is a real scam

Food Ads vs Reality drinks
Image Source: Reddit

6. Something is really wrong with this toast

Food Ads vs Reality toast
Image Source: Reddit

7. Chicken sandwich

Food Ads vs Reality chicken sandwich
Image Source: Reddit

8. "Expectation vs. 2020"

Food Ads vs Reality "Expectation vs. 2020"
Image Source: Reddit

9. Bruschetta expectation vs reality

Food Ads vs Reality Bruschetta Expectation vs Reality
Image Source: Reddit

10. Now this is just sad

Food Ads vs Reality Now this is just pathetic
Image Source: Reddit

11. They're not back by popular demands, that's sure

Food Ads vs Reality tacos
Image Source: Reddit

12. Grilled salmon

Food Ads vs Reality Grilled salmon
Image Source: Reddit

13. Grill dog with cheddar and bacon, allegedly

Food Ads vs Reality Grill dog with cheddar and bacon
Image Source: Reddit

14. This steak salad looks nothing like it's supposed to look

Food Ads vs Reality This steak salad looks nothing like it's advertised
Image Source: Twitter
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