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These Award-Winning Images Will Soothe the Traveler in You

 Traveling for leisure suddenly feels like a distant dream this year owing to the coronavirus outbreak. We don’t know yet when we will be able to resume carefree traveling and that makes us yearn for it even more. Perhaps looking at some of the best travel photography of 2020 from around the world will help for now.
The ‘Travel2020’ online photo contest hosted by mobile app Agora has been a massive hit and received 13,685 entries. Here, we have selected the 20 best images from the contest for your viewing pleasure. From the scenic mountains of Italy to the scorching dunes of Kazakhstan, this collection features some truly breathtaking and contrasting scenery from all over the globe. Looking at these, the travel enthusiast in you will certainly find some solace.

1. "Incredible Moments" (1st Prize)

Location: Seceda, Dolomites, Italy

2020’s BEST Travel Images, Italy
Image source: @rakia10/Agora

2. "Early Mornings In The National Park" 

Location: Tuscany, Italy
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Tuscany, Italy
Image source: @hi.jewi/Agora

3. "An Incredible Evening In New Mexico"

Location: Shiprock, New Mexico, USA

2020’s BEST Travel Images, Shiprock, New Mexico, USA
Image source: @jamesxtheo/Agora

4. "Past, Present, And Future"

Location: Palawan, Philippines
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Palawan, Philippines
Image source: @alvarovaliente_/Agora

5. "Bali Memories"

Location: Lempuyang Temple, Bali, Indonesia
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Lempuyang Temple, Bali, Indonesia
Image source: @lanoiadelbarret/Agora

6. "Milky Way"

Location: Great Staples Tor, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Great Staples Tor, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK
Image source: @theliamman/Agora

7. "Exploring The Ice Cave"

Location: Eiskapelle, Berchtesgaden, Bavarian Alps, Germany
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Eiskapelle, Berchtesgaden, Bavarian Alps, Germany
Image source: @danrose/Agora

8. "Just Do It"

Location: East End of Rundle Hike, Canada
2020’s BEST Travel Images, East End of Rundle Hike, Canada
Image source: @seniorkeke/Agora

9. "Mountain Views"

Location: Slovenia
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Slovenia

10. "Out Of Darkness"

Location: Lago Nambino, Italy
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Lago Nambino, Italy
Image source: @davide_sak_/Agora

11. "Sometimes The Best Part Of Travels Is The Journey"

Location: Sri Lanka
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Sri Lanka
Image source: @leemumford8/Agora

12. "Sculpted By Wind, Water And Time"

Location: Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park, US

2020’s BEST Travel Images, Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park, US
Image source: @jprphotos/Agora

13. "The Taj"

Location: Taj Mahal, India

2020’s BEST Travel Images, Taj Mahal, India

14. "Snowshoeing"

Location: Mercantour National Park, Southern French Alps, France

2020’s BEST Travel Images, Mercantour National Park, Southern French Alps, France
Image source: @ghislainfave/Agora

15. "The Dream"

Location: Colca Canyon, Peru
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Colca Canyon, Peru
Image source: @janreyem/Agora

16. "Ruta Nacional 3"

Location: Ushuaia, Argentina
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Ushuaia, Argentina
Image source: @franciscopaez/Agora

17. "Alone In The Mist"

Location: Crimea, Russia
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Crimea, Russia
Image source: @inchaseofbeauty/Agora

18. "Together"

Location: Double Arch, Utah, USA
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Double Arch, Utah, USA
Image source: @__paulanthony_/Agora

19. "A Wonderful Moment"

Location: Maldives
2020’s BEST Travel Images, Maldives
Image source: @ronanlm/Agora

20. "Dune"

Location: Altyn Emel National Park, Kazakhstan
2020’s BEST Travel Images,  Kazakhstan, Altyn Emel National Park
Image source: @artempikalov/Agora
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