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Find Out Your Spirit Animal and What It Represents

 A lot of us form a special bond with certain animals. And no, we aren’t just talking about the love people have for their pets. Have you ever felt you have a recurrent physical or subconscious encounter with specific animals? For instance, have you been dreaming a lot about a wolf, a cat, or even a butterfly several times in a month without understanding why? Or are you noticing the same animal popping up again and again in front of you in some form or the other (in movies, songs, images, books, and conversations)? You may not even have any special love for these animals but they keep crossing your path. Does that feel weird?
All of this might be a coincidence but it might also be because you are being alerted to your spirit animal. 

What is a Spirit Animal?

In Native American cultures, spirit animals are a corporal form of a spiritual guide. Spirit animals are meant to guide us and can present themselves to us whatever way we are willing to see them. When at times, you are especially struggling in your life, your spirit animal might try to connect and help you in some way. 
These spirit helpers are meant to protect and support us on our individual paths and journeys. Some animal spirit guides visit us in our dreams and try and warn us of a life event that may happen soon. They may represent your physical and emotional grounding and can also be symbolic of your strengths and desires. So, if you find a random animal being consistently placed in your path, it might well be there for a reason: to assist you in obtaining a higher consciousness. It is up to you to stop and notice them.
Come, let’s now look at some of the most common spirit animals and what they might mean for you.

1. The Butterfly

Spirit Animals, The Butterfly
Is the butterfly making its way into your life? It is one of the most common spirit animals that symbolizes personal transformation and profound change. It is quite possible that you are experiencing major changes in your life. And if a butterfly is indeed your spirit animal then it may be an indication for you to embrace your life changes and personal growth with grace and humility.
Butterflies also epitomize the message of lightness of being and of tuning into your emotions and spirit. All in all, the butterfly spirit animal encourages you to have a change in perspective, personality, and personal habits for your well-being and so that you can realize your true potential.

2. The Crow

Spirit Animals, The Crow
Crows are generally associated with bad omens in films, books, and popular lore. Contrary to popular belief, however, it’s not just an omen of death and destruction. So while this bird might not seem like an ideal spirit guide, crows are actually associated with life mysteries and magic. The crow is an extremely intelligent bird that is known for its higher perspective and flexibility.
Thus, if the crow is regularly coming to you in your dreams or an awakened state, it means you will soon be in a position where you will see things from a greater perspective. This will enable you to make better decisions and arrive at the most fitting resolution to any issue. A crow as your spirit animal also encourages you to be fearless and strong, just like the bird.

3. The Cat

Spirit Animals, The Cat
The cat spirit animal is mystical, magical, confident, intelligent, and independent. This spirit guide is known to appear in someone’s life when they badly need self-confidence and reassurance. Even if you aren’t a cat person, you should be open to the message that the cat spirit animal wants to tell you. If a cat is appearing to you, it might mean that your life is about to be injected with curiosity and magic.
Having a cat as a spirit animal may also indicate that you need to develop a balance between independence and time of togetherness. It is also about making new changes and finding flexibility and adaptability in your life. Moreover, since the cat is known to have nine lives, people with this spirit animal would tend to take occasional risks. Sometimes they succeed and at other times they fail. However, they keep rising again to make use of their remaining “lives”. 

4. The Wolf

Spirit Animals, The Wolf
The wolf is regarded as one of the most common and most powerful spirit animals. As your spirit guide, the animal brings you instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom, along with a keen perception of the significance of social connections. The wolf guide helps you to use your intelligence in resolving problematic situations and helping you find your lost path. The wolf spirit guide encourages you to trust in your instinct and intuition more.
Another crucial wolf symbol is loyalty. Wolves are loyal and hold very deep emotional bonds with their pack. If the wolf spirit animal keeps appearing to you, it may be a sign for you to focus more on your loyalty in your different relationships. It can also mean that someone you love is misguiding you or a perceived threat or a lack of trust in your own feelings. 

5. The Owl

Spirit Animals, The Owl
If you find yourself frequently crossing paths with an owl, it can be a message from the universe. The owl represents wisdom, deep connection, and intuitive knowledge as a spirit guide. The owl is known for its sharp vision and keen observation, and having it as your spirit animal might indicate that you, too, have great insight and intuition.
The meaning of the owl may also point to something related to change or transition; something that pushes you to leave old habits behind and establish new ones. Furthermore, the owl has the ability to see beyond deception. With this animal guide by your side, you will be able to see beyond the masks that people wear and determine which people have the best and most noble intentions from those who don't.
Lastly, the owl spirit animal also signifies that you like exploring uncharted territories and find life’s mysteries completely fascinating.

6. The Hummingbird

Spirit Animals, The Hummingbird
Hummingbirds are full of lightness, connection, and speed. They symbolize the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. When hummingbirds come into your life, it is a sign for you to enjoy the richness of life, release negativity, and express love more fully. It’s an extremely positive spirit guide and drives you to keep a playful and optimistic outlook towards life.
The hummingbird is a fascinating little creature that can perform remarkable deeds, like traveling great distances or being able to fly backward, despite its small size. This spirit guide, hence, also represents playfulness and adaptability. If you have a special connection with the hummingbird, you will find yourself moving swiftly and thinking quickly. You will be able to glide from one place to the next freely and fiercely.

7. The Grasshopper 

Spirit Animals, The Grasshopper 
A grasshopper as a spirit animal? You might wonder how can such a tiny insect be someone's spirit helper. However, if the grasshopper spirit animal comes leaping into your life, it generally means that you must take a huge leap of faith. Grasshoppers are innovative and don’t let go of opportunities to move forward in life. Its spirit guide wants you to aim high and reach for places where others are apprehensive to go.
Grasshoppers are mostly considered good luck and are widely recognized as good omens. If you are constantly running into the grasshopper, it may also be a sign that you may be battling with inner conflict and it may be time for you to make a choice and move ahead in life confidently. 
Lastly, a grasshopper has the ability to connect and understand sound vibrations. If the animal is coming to you, it may also be a symbol of your inner voice where the guide could be telling you to trust it more. 
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