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How to Be Optimistic Around Negative People

If you think you’re a natural-born pessimist and there’s no hope of ever turning your mindset around, then think again! According to mental health experts, it is actually very possible to turn into a glass-half-full kind of person, and here's how you can do it, just follow these words of advice experts have found are really helpful when it comes to seeing things in a brighter light.


1. Choose to Be OptimisticOptimism

Life is all about choices. You can opt to spend the entire day reading or cleaning. You can make dinner yourself or choose to go out to eat. You can make that call you've been thinking about for a while or you can put it off for another day.

What's more, you can also choose to be positive or you can choose to simply carry on living as you are. Being optimistic in a negative world starts with the decision to be positive and to carry on that way for the rest of your life.

2. Avoid Energy-Draining Vampires
Some people call them 'toxic' while others call them 'whiners', but we can all recognize a pessimist when we see one, and can recognize their horrible ability to suck all of the positive energy out of a room. This is why it's important to establish healthy boundaries with such people, otherwise, they might end up sucking all of the life out of you.
3. Imagine a Positive FutureOptimism
It might sound a little pathetic right now, but actually writing down your ideas of an optimistic future will make a huge difference when it comes to your overall outlook on life. You may also want to consider a serious challenge you have in life right now, and simply sit back and think about all of the possible positive outcomes.
4. Bestow Positivity on OthersOptimism
Making others feel good about themselves can have lasting positive effects on your own life. Never forget to praise your family, friends, and colleagues for the good things which they are doing in their lives, even if they don't directly affect you. Of course, you should never forget to praise yourself either, even for what might seem like the most trivial of things.
5. Recognize Your Negative Thought PatternsOptimism

It’s fine to acknowledge that bad things in life might happen at any time. After all, ignoring reality isn’t the most helpful tactic either. Being excessively negative though can seriously sabotage your chances of finding happiness in this life.

When you begin to think in a negative manner, take a moment to work out just how realistic your thoughts really are. Reframing your awkwardly negative thoughts into more realistic patterns may be the key to helping you maintain an optimistic outlook.

6. Practice GratitudeOptimism
Spending some time thinking about all of the things you have to be thankful for will often provide you with an instant optimism boost. You could even choose to keep a gratitude journal, where you can jot down anything which makes you smile. If nothing else, take a moment every once in a while to stop, smile and be thankful for the positive things in life.


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