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These Pics Showcase How Fascinating Life Cycles Can Be

 A tree, they say, is no more valuable than a seed. Both are just different stages in the development of a plant. The life cycle of any living thing is a fascinating process. You must have certainly read about the four stages in the life of a butterfly – from an egg to an adult butterfly. As captivating as that process is, there are various living things in the world that transform through different stages of their growth in the most intriguing ways. 
Take a look at the life cycles of different living things in the pictures below. These include amazing transformations of plants, fruits, vegetables, and even insects.

1. The life cycle of a strawberry.

Pictures of Life Cycles, strawberry
Image source: shredd77

2. The blueberry life cycle.

Pictures of Life Cycles, blueberry
Image source: shredd77

3. These are the stages involved in the life cycle of a tree leaf.

Pictures of Life Cycles, tree leaf
Image source: earthmoonsun

4. The life cycle of a bleeding-heart flower.

Pictures of Life Cycles, bleeding-heart flower
Image source: OneSnarkySparky

5. Aubergine plants organized by their growth stage.

Pictures of Life Cycles, Aubergine plants
Image source: reddit.com

6. A lemon's lifecycle.

Pictures of Life Cycles, Lemon
Image source: mirandanielcz

7. All three stages in a ladybug's life cycle on a single leaf.

Pictures of Life Cycles, ladybugs
Image source: EaterofMayonaise

8. The life cycle of cotton.

Pictures of Life Cycles, cotton
Image source: TrousersOfTime

9. Malabar plums arranged according to their different growth stages.

Pictures of Life Cycles, plums
Image source: disusernamealsotaken

10. A salmonberry's life cycle.

Pictures of Life Cycles, Salmonberry
Image source: ali.mari.lewi

11. A chili’s life cycle.

Pictures of Life Cycles, chilli
Image source: krishi_seva

12. The life cycle of a blackberry.

Pictures of Life Cycles, blackberry
Image source: AlfieDaye

13. The different stages in the growth of coffee.

Pictures of Life Cycles, coffee
Image source: egillick

14. Another look at the life cycle of coffee beans.

Pictures of Life Cycles, coffee beans
Image source: Radreezy3000
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