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What You Should Know Before Booking a Hair Appointment

   One of the most anticipated post lockdown comebacks was that of hair and beauty salons. Some states have already given salons a green light to operate while others are expected to open soon. As comforting as it is, to get some normality back into our lives, many old habits will have to be readjusted to the current situation. Face masks, gloves, and social distancing are commonplace practices at any newly reopened business, and the salon is no different. As a customer, there are a few measures you can take to make your salon appointment safer for everyone, and reduce the chance of a second wave. So how is salon culture changing to accommodate life alongside the coronavirus?

New Salon Etiquette

Hair Salon Do's and Dont's Amid Coronavirus

Firstly, avoid arriving early or bringing anyone else along. Despite those being commonplace practices before the coronavirus hit, salons are now limited to only accomodating 10 people inside at any given time or 50% of the capacity with hairstylists stationed 6 feet apart. Leaving children, spouses, or friends at home and only entering the salon at your designated time can help salons enforce their preventative measures and be as safe as possible. 

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Health experts and salon owners are aware that their businesses used to be a friendly, chit chat heavy environment, with people sitting around sipping their coffee and making conversation while waiting or getting their hair done. As pleasant as it is, experts stress that this is another change that will have to take place. "It is great that social interactions and conversations are becoming more a part of everyday life, but I would avoid it when in close proximity to another person," says Leann Poston, MD a physician and medical expert for Invigor Medica.

After all, talking is known to easily spread potentially infected droplets to high touch areas and from person to person. Other forms of direct touch to be avoided are direct tipping, magazine sharing, and snacking during an appointment.
The bottom line is that for the time being salons will have to focus on giving a direct service, like a cut or dye, instead of being a social environment. 


How To Be a Better Customer

Hair Salon Do's and Dont's Amid Coronavirus

One of the worst things a customer can do is fight with the staff or object to them following Covid-19 policies. Salons are trying to keep their business open, and their staff and clients safe amid a very risky situation, so they will have less tolerance for this kind of behavior.

Another form of frustrating behavior, according to hairstylists and salon owners is clients who ask if they can have their appointment prior to the reopening date, or refuse to accept that a salon is fully booked and they will have to wait. “Some people will say they want everything done on the same day — haircut, color correction, highlights — and the answer I have is no. The max is two services for now. I have suggested they book two separate appointments. I think this is only fair for the rest of the clients, so everyone gets a chance to get a cut or color," hairstylist Veronica Tapia shared with BestLife.

As the lockdown is ending, we are entering a new phase in the fight against the coronavirus which requires everyone to be patient, adaptive and accepting of temporary changes, to keep everyone around us as safe as possible

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