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Stunning Images From the 2020 Open Sony World Photography Awards

 Every year around this time, the winners and notable mentions of one of the biggest and most anticipated photography competitions in the world are announced - the Sony World Photography Awards. And every year, they don’t disappoint. The wide range of subjects they cover, the skill of the photographs showcased, and the way each of the chosen photos deeply resonates with virtually everyone on an emotional level. It is the epitome of artistic expression! 
One of our favorite winner lists is that of the Open Contest, where photographers of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds are invited to participate. In 2020, over 345,000 entry photos were submitted to the competition, and the winners chosen across ten categories have been chosen recently. Below we feature the winners and highlights from the shortlist of the 2020 Open Sony World Photography Awards - 20 striking photos that are sure to impress you!

1. Natural World & Wildlife Winner: “Tai Chi Diagram” by Guofei Li, China

 2020 Sony World Photo Awards Guofei Li

2. Architecture Winner: “Emotional Geometry” by Rosaria Sabrina Pantano, Italy

3. Landscape Winner: “Ice Reflections” by Craig McGowan, Australia

4. Travel Shortlist Entry: “Smoked Out II” by Jonathan Rogers, United Kingdom

5. Street Photography Shortlist Entry: “Back Home” by Liu Jon, China

6. Natural World & Wildlife Shortlist Entry: “Nemo’s Nightmare” by Rachel Brooks, United Kingdom

7. Landscape Shortlist Entry: “Come On In” by Kai Hornung, Germany

8. Natural World & Wildlife Shortlist: “Connection” by Julia Wimmerlin, Ukraine

9. Motion Shortlist Entry: “The Floating Pool” by Lior Yaakobi, Israel

10. Motion Shortlist Entry: “Under Siege” by Lloyd Lane, United Kingdom

11. Street Photography Winner: “Colombia Resiste” by Santiago Mesa, Colombia

12. Architecture Shortlist Entry: “Vanishing Line” by Peter Li, United Kingdom

13. Creative Shortlist Entry: “Life on Mars” by Katie Farr, United Kingdom

14. Portraiture Shortlist Entry: “Colour Sense and Soul” by Sawamaru Pokiru, Japan

15. Motion Winner: “Going Down!” by Alec Connah, United Kingdom

16. Travel Winner: “Riding a Saharan Freight Train” by Adrian Guerin, Australia

17. Still Life Winner: “A Plastic Ocean” by Jorge Reynal, Argentina

18. Travel Shortlist Entry: “The Pool” by Michael Paramonti, Germany

19. Culture Shortlist Entry: “Demigods of Malabar” by Satheesh Chandran, India

20. Landscape Shortlist Entry: “Dawn at Walakiri Beach” by Hsiang Hui, Sylvester Wong, Malaysia

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