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Take a Look At These Gorgeous Birds From South America

 The Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil has an incredible abundance of bird diversity. Nowhere else in the world will you find such colorful, vivid and rare bird species. This forest region stretches for 1,500 square miles (3885 square kilometers) along the coast of Brazil and is home to about 900 bird species, which is roughly 45% of all species found in the country.

The vast variety of beautiful birds that inhabit these deep forests are a sight for sore eyes. Wildlife photographer Supreet Sahoo, who has been working with naturalists and guides in Central and South American rainforests for years, has captured some truly delightful photographs of several birds from the Atlantic Forests. Take a look at some of these exquisite birds here.

1. Blonde-Crested Woodpecker​

Beautiful Birds, Blonde-Crested Woodpecker​

2. Violaceous Euphonia

Beautiful Birds, Violaceous Euphonia

3. Yellow-Fronted Woodpecker​

Beautiful Birds, Yellow-Fronted Woodpecker​

4. Azure Jay

Beautiful Birds, Azure Jay

5. Magpie Tanager

Beautiful Birds, Magpie Tanager

6. Pin-tailed Manakin

Beautiful Birds, Pin-Tailed Manakin

7. Green-Billed Toucan

Beautiful Birds, Green-Billed Toucan

8. Green-Headed Tanager

Beautiful Birds, Green-Headed Tanager

9. Azure-Shouldered Tanager

Beautiful Birds, Azure-Shouldered Tanager

10. Brazilian Tanager

Beautiful Birds, Brazilian Tanager

11. Burrowing Owl

Beautiful Birds, Burrowing Owl

12. Ornate Hawk-Eagle

Beautiful Birds, Ornate Hawk-Eagle

13. Red-Ruffed Fruitcrow

Beautiful Birds, Red-Ruffed Fruitcrow

14. Red-Necked Tanager

Beautiful Birds, Red-Necked Tanager

15. Saffron Toucanet

Beautiful Birds, Saffron Toucanet

Images courtesy: Supreet Sahoo

Follow more works of the photographer on his Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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