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12 Unique Artists and Their Beautiful Creations

 We just LOVE art here at BabaMail, and we know our readers love it, too. We especially enjoy it when we get to discover all kinds of unique artists we've never heard of, doing incredibly creative things with the most surprising materials. From feathers to paper to stones - we'd like to show you 12 of our favorite artists right here below. Just click on the one you'd like to see and we'll take you to the rest of their beautiful works.
For over a decade, artist Steven Spazuk has perfected a unique painting technique that allows him to use the flame of various tools to create paintings that have real trails of soot to them, creating an otherworldly appearance and beauty.
I absolutely love wood carving. It is one of the most ancient art forms, and it's always beautiful in my eyes. The organic nature of the material seems to ebb into the flow of statues, creating beings that seem like they are just about to move. These gorgeous works of art are a true testament to the skill and patience of these amateur yet talented artists.

Art can take several different forms, each requiring a great deal of imagination as well as patience to achieve the desired result. But who would have imagined you can use your creativity on an ordinary art tool as a pencil? After being inspired by the talented Dalton Ghetti and his amazing pencil carvings, the Bosnian sculptor Jasenko Đorđević decided to start making his own sculptures out of the small pencil tips by simply using an X-acto knife and a tiny chisel. The results, which take the forms of buildings, people, animals, and objects, turn out to be exceptionally rewarding.

Chie Hitosuyama is a very patient and incredibly talented young Japanese artist and sculptor, who’s work startled and amazed me when I first set eyes on it. The work of this quality is so rare that I had to share these images and a short video with the world. If like me, you are utterly captivated by these wonderful animal sculptures, you should also check out Chie’s website. I already can’t wait to see her next batch of artwork.

Amazing Paper Artworks by Ingrid Siliakus

What may seem like a pop-up book at first, is actually elaborate paper architecture. The artist, Ingrid Siliakus, creates this impressive, intricate work using thin paper. She first discovered paper art after seeing the work of Prof. Masahiro Chatani (the creator of this art form). Fascinated by his technique, she began studying the artist's work.


Japanese artist Hirotoshi Itoh transforms ordinary stones into works of art. Inspired by walks along the river near his home, he began collecting stones he would find and used them to create impressive sculptures. The detail he achieves is incredible, combining the hard texture with softer materials to inject humor into the subjects.
Here is the phenomenal art of Noriyuki Saitoh, an incredibly talented sculptor from Japan who creates intricate life-size creatures. Each insect is created to look exactly like the real version. Dimensions are strictly measured according to their appearances, features, and senses. Take a look at his incredible work and check out his social media platforms to see more.
Yuanxing Liang is a Chinese artist who creates amazing surreal clay sculptures that combine elements of nature, animals, and architecture to create stunning 360-degree artworks influenced by traditional Chinese folklore. Liang's works are full of stunning details and require a lot of patience - some of his sculptures take up to 3 months to design!
Glass is not only a fragile material from which our dishes are made, but also one that can be given great flexibility and have its properties changed by adding different ingredients, or even just heat. This opens the door to all kinds of creative uses of this wonderful material. Artist Amber Cowan takes old glassware, some over 100 years old, and turns them into magnificent and detailed works of art. We invite you to take a look at the following 18 photos, which show Amber’s works, and to be impressed by the detail, delicacy, and elegance that characterize them.
Gifted Greek artist Gregory Grozos (say THAT 3 times fast) is going to prove to you that throwing an old pocket watch away is a serious crime against the art world. Instead, Grozos turns them into miniature worlds, with little masterpieces inside them. Take a look at his wildly imaginative creations inside.
James McNab is a woodworker and an artist residing in Philadelphia. His latest project is named the 'City Series', in which he depicts in wood the sight of a cityscape, an urban landscape as seen by an outside visitor standing outside the city. Each piece is cut in a new way to form a different base for the cityscape.
These beautiful and original creations are the creation of Canadian artist Guy Laramee, in an attempt to create something new and at the same time - make a statement about the erosion of culture in today's modern and fast-paced world. The result is stunning!
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