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The Ultimate Drone Photography Collection

 When done right, drone photography is just incredible! These little flying machines can zip through the skies and capture our beautiful world from a whole new angle. Cities, mountain ranges and nautical landscapes emerge in a whole new light through the lens of a drone, producing unique and breathtaking aerial views sure to take your breath away. In this collection, we compiled the best of the best of drone photography, revealing various corners of the planet from the bird's eye perspective.
It's not easy being a photographer, capturing unique scenes no one has produced before. It's even harder when you have to do it from a high vantage point, rediscovering the earth from a bird's eye view. These next photos were shot using special drones and cameras to enter the world-famous dronestagram competition for aerial shots. Judges from Kodak and National Geographic decided on the winners, and we've brought some of the most stunning ones here for you to enjoy.
When we travel, or even just look through travel magazines, we see the world from a human point of view. Thanks to the improvement in unmanned drones, we finally get a shot to see the world from a new perspective, as if we were soaring through the sky, like a bird. These spectacular shots from around the world were all taken by drones, giving us that unique view we never get to see.
This contest drew the most talented photographers from all over the globe to demonstrate their most amazing shots, and we are the beneficiaries! These images each took first, second and third place in three distinct categories. Do you agree with the judges?

The images taken from hundreds of feet in the air offer a perspective that most of us can only very rarely enjoy. And because there are so many professional and amateur drone photographers, the range of subjects is incredibly vast. SkyPixel received an eye-watering 27,000 entrants to its recent competition, of which here are the 25 photographs that really stood out. Open your eyes for a beautiful visual feast!

Niaz Uddin, a Los Angeles-based photographer, captures stunning aerial photography of the American West. He uses everything from drones, to helicopters and planes in order to capture the perfect bird’s-eye shot. In this series, you’ll see his take on the Santa Monica pier, a magnificent shot over Wyoming’s Teton Mountain, and a close-up, aerial shot of Arizona’s world-famous Horseshoe Bend.
Dronestagram is an online community of photographers from all over the globe that specializes in drone photography. The website receives thousands of shots per day because it allows everyone to share their drone photographs with the rest of the world. In addition, Dronestagram holds an annual competition to find the very best drone photographs of the past year. Here are the 20 breathtaking finalists from 2017.
I don’t think there is anyone in the whole world who wouldn’t want to see our earth from a bird’s views. Well, now we don’t have to hope we wake up as birds because the aerial photography contest of the popular site SKYPIXEL has ended and the winning pictures in the various categories, taken by professional and amateur photographers alike, present our world from an angle we once dreamed of. 
The Drone Awards is a new photography competition that’s dedicated to the emerging art of aerial photography. The winning snaps from this year’s competition have just been revealed and it’s safe to say that they’re absolutely spectacular. The competition was started off by a non-profit association called Art Photo Travel, which is based in Italy and is dedicated to promoting photography and culture. There are six categories in the competition: Nature, Urban, Sport, Wildlife, People, and Abstract.​

The Best Photos of 2018 Drone Photography Contest

Drones have become the new way to take photos. And recently, the fifth annual Dronestagram photo contest took place. They used drones to capture our planet from new and unique perspectives. The competition attracts thousands of entries from all over the world, showcasing the very best of drone photography. 
Below are some of the finalists from the contest. 
The yearly aerial photography competition held by SkyPixel finally announced this year’s winners. Being the largest drone photo competition in the world, the jury had to pick out the best photo of the year from thousands of pictures, as well as 3 winners in each of the 4 main categories: sport, nature, architecture, and fun.
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