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The Airplanes That Conquered the Skies

 From the moment the Wright brothers took off into the sky, a dream that humankind has held in its heart since time immemorial, the race to build more and more advanced airplanes has commenced, and it hasn't stopped since. On the way, all kinds of aircraft were made - from speedy to quiet, from super-efficient to super bizarre. Before you are 10 posts that will take you to a world of airplanes, so you get a wide range of fascinating planes to learn about!
Airplanes were first used in the First World War, mainly for reconnaissance, but later also as attack aircraft, mounting guns and manually dropping small bombs on troops below. By the Second World War, aerial technology advanced considerably. Larger planes carried large payloads of explosives, and smaller airplanes were used to try and stop the larger bombers.
There are few of us who don't feel inspired or captivated by jet airplanes. They're fast, sleek and powerful, but with that being said, building jets is an incredibly complex project, so, of course, you would find many mistakes along the way, and as a result, there are numerous terrible jets that have taken to the skies over the decades. Many know the most incredible jet planes, but here are the 10 worst jet airplanes to ever fly.

15 Great Giant Airplanes

I know there are some big planes out there, but I had no clue about how unusual some of the largest ones are! Here are the 15 largest airplanes to ever fly, ranked according to Global Aircraft's table, which grades planes based on an average of length and wingspan.
The 20th century saw an amazing array of new vehicles - from cars to ships, to submarines and airplanes. Some of the designs were so effective that they're still in use today. However, some designs were less than ideal, and what follows are the aircraft designs that just weren't as good as the rest, but are still fascinating to see. Enjoy this collection of strangely designed planes.
The Cold War was an era marked by exorbitant military spending, nuclear paranoia, and rapid technological development. However, if you love your airplanes just as I do, it was an era marked by some really cool military jets. Here are 10 of the coolest Cold War military airplanes.
I’ve dreamed of being a pilot since I was a kid, and although many years have passed since then, it’s a dream that will never go away. I wanted to feel what pilots feel every time they sit behind the controls of one of these wonderful machines. Luckily for me, thanks to this series of images, I now have a better understanding of what it’s like. Take a tour of the cockpits of 13 amazing airplanes and helicopters right here.
Billionaire businessman Paul Allen's obsession with vintage aircraft dates all the way back to his childhood. He was always fascinated by their complexity and different designs. The co-founder of Microsoft decided to turn his childhood hobby into a lifelong passion, which he began in the late 1990s. Allen opened up his aircraft museum in 2004. It features over 31 of his most cherished aircraft. The museum is located in a hangar in Everett, Washington. It is called the Flying Heritage Collection. Be sure to visit it if you're ever in town!  ​
Ever since the Wright Brothers managed to get their Wright flyer airborne in 1903, the history of aviation has been dotted with a number of fascinating, landmark moments. This list will run through 14 of the most innovative, important, and incredible airplanes to ever grace the skies, and tell the remarkable stories that made them such trailblazing ground-breakers.
Fifth-generation fighters are designed to incorporate features such as all-aspect stealth, high-performance airframes, and advanced avionics features. Here are 10 of the world's best fifth-generation fighter jets (some are in service, while others are still at the design stage).
The world's super-rich are no strangers to a private plane or two, but there are some that are more grandiose than others. From a Saudi prince that had one of the world's largest airliners converted into his own giant plaything, to a Father's Day present to top all others, here are 15 of the world's most famous private planes.
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