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7 Cleaning Mistakes Most of Us Still Make

Let’s admit it, while all of us pretty much hate cleaning, we still usually consider ourselves cleaning experts, and that’s fair, as we’ve all been doing this ‘job’ for decades. Unfortunately, the habitual way of doing things isn’t always the best, and what’s even worse, we are often misled by commercials that are notorious for misusing the very products they’re trying to sell. All of these 7 cleaning mistakes are extremely common, and what’s worse, all of them can completely ruin your hard work while you’re cleaning.

Mistake 1. Applying cleaning products directly onto the surface

cleaning mistakes we still do spraying directly on the window
This one is definitely commercial-inspired. Do you, too, spray window cleaner directly onto the window like they always show in the commercials? If so, you’re making a mistake, as you’re bound to apply too much and it will result in product buildup (and unnecessary waste of product).
So, if your windows suddenly turn cloudy or the table feels sticky to the touch, know that you’ve overapplied the cleaner. Instead of applying the product onto the surface you want to clean, spray some cleaner on a rag or piece of paper towel.

Mistake 2. Starting with the floor

cleaning mistakes we still do Starting with the floor
If you begin the cleaning from the floors, and then continue wiping down the countertops and dusting, you’re bound to end up with a lot of dust and dirt on your clean floors. Fixing this problem is easy: start from top to bottom, cleaning the floors last.

Mistake 3. Don’t use the dishwasher for everything

cleaning mistakes we still do Don’t use the dishwasher for everything
Dishwashers are convenient, we get it, but overloading the dishwasher is not a good idea. Not only will it do the job worse, some items don’t belong in the dishwasher altogether.
Namely, kitchen tools and utensils with small holes in them, such as garlic presses and graters should be washed by hand, as the dishwasher cannot clean it perfectly and moldy pieces or food can get stuck in the utensils.

Mistake 4. Replace your sponge more often

cleaning mistakes we still do Replace your sponge even more often
The majority of people replace their sponges when they get grimy and misshapen, but you should actually make a rule for yourself to replace your kitchen sponge at least every month.
This is because your kitchen sponge is the most common breeding ground for bacteria in your entire kitchen: it’s moist and literally contains remnants of food in it, a feast for all the different kinds of germs.

Mistake 5. Don’t forget about the trash

cleaning mistakes we still do Don’t forget about the trash
Trash containers are another place in your kitchen that can accumulate dirt, pieces of food and all sorts of other nastiness. That’s why you should clean those trash containers regularly with soap and water.
A pleasant bonus of this otherwise very unappetizing task is that your trash containers will actually stop smelling like trash, as it’s usually the lack of proper cleaning that causes the disgusting smell of trash and not the stuff that you actually have in your trashcan.

Mistake 6. Don’t leave the toilet brush moist

cleaning mistakes we still do Don’t leave the toilet brush moist
Another common mistake is related to toilet cleaning. If you’re putting the toilet brush back into its holder immediately after scrubbing down the toilet, you’re making a mistake.
The thing is that a wet toilet brush will inevitably breed bacteria, and so you may be actually smearing germs all over your toilet every time you’re cleaning it, which is just plain ineffective, not to mention potentially dangerous for your health. To avoid this from happening, make sure to dry out the toilet brush before putting it back into the holder.

Mistake 7. Use different rags for different purposes

cleaning mistakes we still do
Microfiber cloths are amazing at cleaning practically any surface, which is why many people just end up using one of those to clean the entire house. This may end in a disaster, usually in the form of streaks on a glass or mirror surface.
Be smart and use one rag to clean the countertops, tables and other furniture, but get a different one to clean the glass and mirror surfaces in your home.
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