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These Home Hacks Are Centuries Old, But They Still Work!

With all the gadgets and electronics, modern households are very different from those of the previous decades and centuries. But the last time we checked, they still have a lot in common with the homes of people from the beginning of the 20th century or even the Victorian era. So, when it comes to household tips and tricks, we can still use a lot of the tried and tested methods of our grandparents. In this article, we decided to draw your attention to 9 of such often forgotten vintage home hacks you’ll surely find super useful!

1. Cut fresh bread into thin slices

Vintage Home Hacks fresh bread
Tired of fresh bread becoming all squishy when you try and cut it? Plunge the bread knife into hot water, let it get really hot, and then wipe down quickly with a kitchen towel. The heated knife cuts even the softest bread into super-thin slices. This hack also works for flaky pastries and cakes too.

2. Get rid of stuck-on food from a pan using steam

Usually, getting rid of burned-on food from a pan requires hours of preliminary soaking. But there's an old method that gives your the same sparkling clean results in minutes. Heat a pot of water on the stovetop, and when it starts boiling, hold the dirty pan or dish in the steam for a few seconds. The steam loosens the food stains, and you’ll be able to remove them very easily.

3. Use an egg carton when moving furniture

Vintage Home Hacks egg carton
When you're moving heavy furniture, it's important to protect your floors from carpet indents and scratches. To do so, simply place pieces of egg carton underneath the furniture's legs, and you will have no indents or marks left.

4. Keep rust away from old garden supplies with sand

Vintage Home Hacks

This classic vintage hack is so effective and simple that many people are still using it today. To protect your metal gardening supplies from rust during the winter and prevent accidents and injuries, place the tools in a bucket filled with the sand metal side down. Of course, one bucket can fit several tools.

5. Remove fogged-up mirrors with shaving foam

Vintage Home Hacks shaving foam
Not being able to see in the mirror after taking a shower or bath is a frustrating problem we've all probably experienced. Here's one age-old trick that will help you remove fog from a mirror without streaks or drips. Just rub a dollop of shaving cream directly into the mirror and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. All of the fog will go away, as quick and easy as that!

6. Repair scuffs on wooden furniture with shoe polish

Notice an unsightly nick or scratch on a table or chair, but you have no wood polish on hand? In a pinch, you can easily repair it with some shoe polish. It's actually a great thing to use for polishing your furniture too, as it will keep it looking shiny and vibrant. Just make sure that the color of the polish matches the furniture - for obvious reasons.

7. Remove rust from your knives and scissors with onions

Vintage Home Hacks chopping onions
Most people don't realize this, but onions are actually quite acidic. For this reason, they make an excellent and cheap rust remover. Just rub the rusty knife or pair of scissors with an onion cut in half repeatedly until the rust is gone, and it should get the job done in no time! Needless to say, don't eat the rust-covered onion afterward. Just discard or compost it.

8. Revive old linens with tea

Over time, any kitchen towel or napkin will look rather worn or stained. Before you decide to just throw it away, try this vintage method of staining worn linens with tea to mask the unsightly stains. Brew 4 bags of black tea in a bucket of hot water for 15 minutes. Then, remove the tea bags and place the old towels in this strong tea. Saturate the towels completely in the tea and let them sit in the liquid until they turn an antique brown color. Finally, carefully wring out the towels and line-dry to seal in the color.

9. Keep cracked eggs whole while boiling

Vintage Home Hacks boiled eggs
Believe it or not, this nifty kitchen trick can be traced back to Victorian times! It will help you save a boiled egg, even if it happens to crack during the boiling process. Just add a splash of vinegar to the water while boiling eggs. Even if one of the eggs cracks, the contents will not spill out of the shell.
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