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Recipe for Easter: Deviled Eggs with Chicken Pate

 Easter’s around the corner, so ready your brushes and paint! Now, what do you do with all of those dyed eggs after the hunt is done? Whatever you do, there's absolutely no reason to throw perfectly good eggs into the trash. Instead, here’s an idea: a Romanian gourmet twist on the devilled egg with chicken pâté and paprika.
Chicken pate deviled eggs

10 eggs
5 oz. chicken liver
5 oz. crème fraîche (for a nondairy substitute, swap with mayo)
1 medium yellow onion, diced
Extra virgin olive oil
Ground black pepper
Sweet paprika

Black olives, chopped bell peppers, scallions and fresh herbs

1. Cook the eggs until hard and cool. Peel and cut the eggs lengthwise into boats. Remove the yolk (carefully, so as not to damage the egg white) and place the yolk in a separate bowl or in a food processor.
2. Fry the onion in olive oil until golden-brown. Add the onion to the yolks.
3. Fry the chicken liver for 4 minutes, turning often until brown from the outside but pinkish inside. Chop the liver and add to the yolks.
4. Add crème fraîche, black pepper and salt to the mixture and blend until smooth and uniform.
5. Siphon the pâté into the egg whites using a pastry bag, preferably star-shaped and sprinkle paprika over. Garnish with olives, scallions, herbs or small slices of bell pepper. 


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