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You Never Know What You Can Find on the Beach!

 How’s this to put our existence in perspective: as tiny as earth is, most of us only get to see a tiny fraction of it within our lifetimes. Even for the most avid of travelers, the majority of our world is beyond reach, lying deep below the ocean. Sometimes, as you travel along a sandy beach, you’re lucky enough to see a piece of this boundless world wash ashore. Here are some of the most amazing and surprising things, both natural and man-made that people found during their trips to the beach:

1. A giant dead squid washed ashore


2. A whole sand village on a snow-capped sand mountain

My mom found this amazing sand castle in Jerusalem beach, Tel Aviv.


3. This may look like it belonged to a colossal bird, but it’s actually a whale skull

Not something you find on the beach everyday.


4. A rock within a rock

Found this rock within a rock on a beach walk


5. An Allied WWII-era fighter plane

P-38 Found on Welsh Beach


6. This begs the question: just how many sharks frequent this beach?

My brother likes to search for shark teeth on beaches. This was 6hrs of searching at Folly Beach SC.


7. Way creepy

What the storm brought to the French shores


8. Imagine spending so much time on a sand castle

Sandcastle with extremely clean lines.


9. A touching message in a bottle (click on the right arrow to show next slide)

So my friend found a message in a bottle while fishing.


10. A real treasure: an old watch repair kit

Found this entire watch repair kit on Curracloe beach in Wexford, Ireland. It was all in a large biscuit tin. I’m guessing it washed up there sometime in the 70s.


11. A perfectly round pebble

This satisfying pebble I found at the beach.


12. A juvenile giant octopus

Found this little guy while working on the beach. He'll have a ~14ft wingspan within two years!

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