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The 14 Incredible Wonders of the Engineering World

It is easy to overlook the innovative and dedicated work of engineers who design the impressive infrastructure that surrounds us. Hard infrastructure, such as highways, bridges, and railroads, may not be commonly associated with aesthetic beauty, but they can indeed be magnificent as well. Just look at these pictures below, and you’ll be fascinated by the brilliance of man-made structures. From striking bridges to breathtaking ancient aqueducts, these stunning images of infrastructure will transport you to many beautiful places.

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1. A skew bridge in ScotlandStunning Infrastructure, skew bridge In Scotland

2. Heatherwick Rolling Bridge - Paddington Basin, London, England, UK"

Stunning Infrastructure, Heatherwick Rolling Bridge

3. Bastei Walking Bridge - Germany. Originally built as a wooden bridge in 1824, it was replaced in 1851 and was made of sandstone.

Stunning Infrastructure, Bastei Walking Bridge -

4. Magdeburg Water Bridge - Magdeburg, Germany

Stunning Infrastructure, Magdeburg Water Bridge

5. Svatopluk Čech Bridge or Čechův Most is an arch bridge over the river Vltava in Prague, Czech Republic

Stunning Infrastructure, Svatopluk Čech Bridge

6. The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Scotland. It replaces the original 11 locks at the Forth and Clyde Canal's junction with the Union Canal.

Stunning Infrastructure, The Falkirk Wheel

7. The Banff Wildlife Crossing Project in Banff, Alberta, Canada, combines fencing to deter animals from venturing onto the road. This has resulted in an 80% reduction in animal-vehicle collisions within the region

Stunning Infrastructure, Banff Wildlife Crossing Project

8. The Ancient Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain, which has been standing since the first century

Stunning Infrastructure,  Ancient Roman Aqueduct i

9. Millau Viaduct - Creissels, France

Stunning Infrastructure, Millau Viaduct

10. In Kolkata, India, an elevated metro line is integrated into the park through which it passes

Stunning Infrastructure, metro line

11. A tram from 1926 is still in use on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden

Stunning Infrastructure, tram

12. In Bokrijk, Belgium, there is a cycle path that runs alongside a lake

Stunning Infrastructure, cycle path

13. Royal Gorge Bridge - Fremont County, Colorado

Stunning Infrastructure, Royal Gorge Bridge

14. The Mozes Bridge (Loopgraafbrug) - Fort De Roovere, Halsteren, Netherlands

Stunning Infrastructure, The Mozes Bridge
All images source: Izismile
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