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The 14 Lists That Happy People Keep

 Lists are something that some of us manage in an orderly and meticulous manner, but many of us treat them as an additional task or forget them very quickly. Whether you belong to the first or second group, there are a number of lists that you will undoubtedly want to keep, and some of them you probably already keep in your head. The following 14 lists are a little different from your grocery or to do list, and they’ll help you manage the day correctly, finish projects that you haven’t been able to get to and fill your free time in a way that will bring you great joy. You can write them on paper, type them on a computer, upload them to a smartphone or think about them before bedtime. Whatever you choose, as long as you persist in it, they will help you achieve the things that are important to you and will contribute to your happiness!


1. List of priorities in life

The first list is a necessary list that can help us organize the goals we set for ourselves in life. Often, we focus on small tasks related to our career, for example, but these make us forget to zoom out and see the big picture that is our life, and as a result neglect other areas that might, in fact, be much more important. It’s possible that every small task is important for that moment, but does it actually move us forward in our career? The list of priorities will include our major goals in life and help us decide which one to spend time on and when. If you could look at your list 5 years from now, what would you hope to complete and erase off of it? These are the things you have to devote most of your time to right now.

2. List of books to read

Many of us admit that we would like to read more, and sometimes when we hear about a fascinating book or are caught by a book review in the newspaper, we make a mental note that never gets seen to. The main reason is that we don’t have the time to read and by the time we pass by a bookstore or library, we’ve already forgotten the name of the book. This is why you should keep a list of books that you’d like to read and carry it in your wallet. If you ever happen by a store you can buy the book (which is the first step) and then spend even just five minutes A night reading it! lists

3. List of new things to try

New experiences stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that gives us energy and enthusiasm, leading to the creation of new nerve cells and neural connections. The list of new things you want to try can include everything from a new recipe you've heard about but you haven’t had time to try, a new and interesting class you’d like to take or even a very challenging knitting guide. Just preparing the list will motivate you to try new things, and on days when you feel frustrated or stuck in a certain task, you can take a few minutes to pick a particular item from the list and stimulate your creativity and mood.

4. List of places to visit

Have you ever seen a list of ten places you need to visit in the world or 15 things to do in a certain state, always hoping to maybe visit one of these places? Take a moment each time you come across an interesting recommendation and write down the name of the place that intrigued you. You can even write down a general place like "Restaurant B ..." if you don’t know the exact name of the restaurant. Before exploring the same destination, look at your list, and you'll be surprised to find that much of your trip is already organized and planned with things you’d like to do. You are welcome to start finding ideas on this list of 10 amazing hotels everyone should visit.

5. Plan of Action list

The next list has nothing to do with your calendar or to-do list, but to the big steps, you want to reach in order to advance yourself towards your goal. Define your main goal, break it down into several smaller goals and steps, and then, try to estimate how much time you’ll need to reach each smaller goal. Decide what you can do to get on your way to your first stop and start pushing yourself forward! You may also find that your current job does not allow you to move even one step forward. If this is the case, you may want to consider other jobs that do have room for growth. Check out the following detailed guide that’ll help you make this list!

6. List of people to connect to

If you work in a large company, you may know only a small number of people within it, leading you to missed opportunities and not hearing about positions that may suit your abilities. Make a list of the people you think you should get to know in your company and try to make coffee dates with them. Other people you can add to the list are parents of children in your children's school you would like to meet and neighbors you’ve not yet had a chance to introduce yourself to. These body language tips might help you with this!

7. Weekly list of questions

Many times, we may feel stuck in the same place, and find it difficult to get inspiration that will help us move on. The following list, which can also be done once a month, allows you to recall all your achievements, difficulties you've been able to overcome, as well as your goals for the coming week and things you can do to help you get through them. You can formulate your own guiding questions, or use these next 20 questions.

8. 10-minute list

We all complain that we don’t have time, but in reality, every time we have 10 minutes to spare we spend them trying to remember what it is we need to do. In the following list, you can include all the quick tasks you never have the time for and do them when you have an “extra ten minutes.” These tasks include, for example, cleaning up your computer files, dusting your living room shelves, sorting the laundry, and so on. These little things accumulate over time, and the 10-minute list will help you do them gradually throughout the week and not get stuck with a pile of these short yet time-consuming tasks.lists

9. List of non-urgent things to buy

Buying a new vase for the living room isn’t a matter of life or death, but that is why we may forget about it every time we walk into the store and buy another item we don’t actually need instead. This list should hold all the things you plan to buy or replace at some point, and try to prioritize it according to your needs. You can take a look at it before your next visit to the furniture store or electrical appliances store, and make smarter and more organized purchases.

10. List of gift ideas

We always find the perfect gift for your spouse, children or a good company a few months before or after the appropriate time, but by the time their next birthday comes along we've had enough time to forget what the idea was or where we saw it. This list will save you a lot of time, money and nerves, and the gift recipients will surely thank you later.lists

11. List of habits you’ve been rid of

 Each of us has quite a few bad habits that we deal with, such as drinking too much soda or using a smartphone during family meals. The following list includes some of these bad habits, however, they are written down in past tense. In other words, if you want to stop biting your nails, write "I'm no longer biting my nails." Thus, instead of a scolding list, you’ll get a list of achievements that will help you see how good you’ll feel when you actually overcome the problem. This will certainly help you overcome at least some of the bad habits in a shorter time than you would expect.

12. List of unfinished projects

The weight of the projects that have not yet been completed at work or at home may burden us and make us spend all day troubled and nervous. Keep one list that includes all the unfinished projects you can think of. On the next day, return to the list and add the stage you’re in next to each project, for example: "Installing a shelf - purchasing suitable nails". On the third day, prioritize all these projects according to their urgency and the stage you’re in, and on the last day try to estimate how long you’ll need for each project, and move the shorter and easier to do ones up to the top of the list. This list will make you feel much better, let you easily move on to the next step and help you remember what you are in terms of each project at all times.lists

13. Financial saving list

At the end of each month, when we look at our credit card bills, many of us feel we could have saved money in various areas like electricity, car expenses and more. Although we try to find the cheapest options, we don’t always have the time to read the fine lines or compare a variety of suppliers, which causes frustration and anger when paying. However, by the time we do have time to do something about the matter, the next bill comes along and with it renewed frustration, and eventually, some give up the entire project. To save money, make a list of all the vendors or service providers you would like to save money on, and tackle them one by one. 

14. Thankful list

The last list is one of the most important lists that each of us should keep. When we feel happy and satisfied, it is easy for us to find positive things in our lives that we are grateful for. On the other hand, it is precisely during difficult times that we may feel that certain areas of our lives are gray and bleak. When you’re at your happiest, write up a list of all the things you’re grateful for, and when you're having a bad day, pull it out and read it over. Looking for ideas? The following presentation will remind you of what you should be thankful for every day. 

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