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"Daily Health Promises" For Moments of Crisis

 Each of us sometimes wakes up with the feeling that certain things in our life don’t look like we thought they would, with uncertainty about our appearance or thoughts of things that were said about us the day before. At moments like these, we need a positive incentive that will allow us to stand up and remember everything we have, and one of the ways to do so is through memorizing mantras that can help us continue on our way. The "Daily Health Promises" is a collection of 13 such mantras that help to strengthen mental and physical health and can also help you overcome moments of crisis. Keep this list handy, remind yourself of these sentences every morning and share them with the friends you would like to strengthen.


1. Each one of us is beautiful just as we are, thanks to our wonderful personality and the ability to create positive changes in the world around us.
2. I will never allow someone else's criticism affect how I see myself.
3. I will never judge another person without knowing them deeply.


4. My body is admirable for all the wonderful things it allows me to do every day. Activities such as walking, thinking, speaking, and breathing are completely not taken for granted.
5. The advertisements I see around me do not reflect reality; Retouching, money and a team of professionals are needed to make people look the way they do in these ads.

6. I have no interest in joining conversations of people who criticize themselves. I'd rather join conversations with people who empower themselves.

7. Even the person I wish to trade places with often faces difficult times.
8. It is important for me to respect my body, which means feeding it, letting it work when necessary, and knowing when to allow it to rest.
9. What matters is the way my clothes look on me, not their price tag.


10. Today I will choose to silence the little voice in my head whenever it tries to frighten or deter me.
11. My real friends are the ones that help me see myself positively, encourage me when I feel bad and don’t hurt me with undue criticism or gossip.
12. I embrace the changes my body undergoes and thank it wholeheartedly for things that may seem less pleasant.


13. What I choose to do in the difficult moments that come is to look in the mirror, smile at myself and remember that I have the strength to overcome any obstacle.

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