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12 Habits that’ll Help You Stand out and Gain Respect

Let's face it, we all have moments in life when we feel like the whole world just ignores us, and no matter how much we try to get the attention of our boss or friends, it feels like we're invisible. Although the most understandable and obvious response to this situation is taking offense, the truth is that in most cases other’s don’t intend to hurt us, and perhaps may even be unaware that we are trying to convey a meaningful message to them.


This is because we live in a world full of stimuli of all kinds which is very stressful and requires many people to focus their attention only on the important and extraordinary things. So how can you stand out and emphasize your importance and uniqueness in a world with almost unlimited options? This question doesn’t have one simple and unequivocal answer, but if you adopt the following 12 habits, you’ll become a person who is seen as having great value and will always get the attention you deserve from those around you.

habits to gain respect

1. Create personal relationships

People will notice you a lot more if you learn about their personal world or treat them warmly when you talk to them. Do not confuse this with flattery; we simply mean engaging the other person with simple gestures such as using their first name when talking, sharing examples from your personal life, demonstrating knowledge about their job in the workplace, and so on. When you make your relationships more personal, you will receive more attention and appreciation from the environment.

2. Simplify the complex 

People may tend to dismiss you and the things that are bothering you simply because they can’t understand them quickly and easily. No one likes a long, complicated story, certainly not when they have countless other tasks and issues to deal with. Know the situations in which the people you want to communicate with are under stress, and do whatever you can to summarize and simplify what you want to say. The same applies to a number of different situations; If, for example, you want to make a change at work, it is best that you come to your boss with 2-3 solid plans of action and not only a general desire to do so and expect that they’ll tell you how to go about implementing your ideas.

3. Do research

You’re probably familiar with people’s tendency to view opinions as facts or to invent data without any basis to suit their goals. These practices may help people who do this once or twice, but then their environment will begin to treat it with contempt and scorn. To get the attention and respect you deserve, you have to adopt the opposite habit. Turn yourself into a person who really explores and understands the subject they're talking about. Look for sources of information on the Internet, talk to experts, look at similar cases from the past, and become experts that people not only listen to but actively seek their advice and support.

habits to gain respect

4. Combine things

Peanut butter and Jelly, movies and popcorn, volleyball and the beach, dinner and candlelight - all these combinations seem normal, but someone in the distant past was the first to think them up. The point we’re trying to make is very simple, you don’t have to invent the wheel for people to think of you as an innovative and creative person. What does this have to do with standing out and getting others’ attention? Well, making these new combinations is a great way to get added value from the different things we're surrounded by all the time, which we never thought could complement each other.

Take for example companies from the United States who began to conduct staff and personal meetings in parks and gardens rather than in offices. They quickly discovered that changing the environment contributed to creativity, calmed the people involved and made tedious (and even daunting) encounters something people looked forward too. Making such combinations will help you because people will remember the innovation and uniqueness of your actions, and if they are successful they may even be adopted and become commonplace. 

5. Make mistakes

It's sad to say, but we live in an age where taking responsibility and admitting a mistake is fairly rare behavior. It is not anyone's fault, in particular, however, this behavior has become an accepted thing that some people don’t even consider a mistake. You can take advantage of this situation and make yourself an exception; point out your mistakes and don’t be ashamed of what you did if it was backed by good intentions and thought. Once you adopt this behavior, you will find that people will trust you more and share more information with you because of this new found honesty.

6. Learn how to make and keep promises

If other people often underestimate and ignore you, it may be that you have given them a reason to do so ... Beyond apologizing there aren’t many ways to correct what was done in the past, but in the present and in the future there is definitely a lot that can be done.

Set strict rules for yourself to turn yourself into a person who sticks to their word: Don’t make too many promises, check the situation well before committing to a specific goal, show people around you that you are working hard to keep your promise and, if possible, when you commit to time frames, always give yourself some wiggle room by allowing yourself more time than you think you really need. That way you can work without pressure and people will be pleasantly surprised when you finish early, they will appreciate you more and will turn to you more often, which will no doubt testify to the degree of respect they’ll gain for you.

habits to gain respect

7. Smile more

A smile is a wonderful thing, it doesn’t even cost a penny but it is worth gold. The act of smiling creates a sense of joy, even if you have no special reason to feel that way, know that happiness is contagious. If you want to get positive attention from those around you, smiling is just the way to do it. 


8. Be flexible

Those who aren’t flexible and don’t know how to adapt will eventually be left behind. It is therefore very important that you identify current trends and adopt changes in your personal and professional environment. There is room and importance for maintaining principles and loyalty, but be careful not to cross the border and be perceived as a stubborn person driven solely by your ego. When your environment sees that you are adopting changes and aren’t being difficult, you will be warmly accepted everywhere and you may even find that the new is better than the old.

9. Don’t give up

When you force yourself to deal with challenges rather than give up, you're making yourself stronger. A lot of people tend to back away from challenges, meaning if the people you surround yourself with see you rising up and persevering whenever faced with adversity, they will take notice and remember you favorably for it. In addition, your coping will provide you with powerful tools for solving problems that you can make available to your loved ones and help them in times of need.

habits to gain respect

10. Improve your self-confidence

Internal strength is a very attractive feature and if you notice that many people treat you dismissively, it can very well be because of low self-confidence. Surprisingly, people who are not confident aren’t always aware of this characteristic, and they tend to blame other character traits, or themselves in general, for other people are distancing themselves from them. If you want to get attention and respect, you have to behave like someone who deserves acceptance and respect.

11. Solve problems

Once you find a problem in your life, resolve it as quickly as possible. This may sound obvious, but if you look around, you’ll find that in most cases people repress their problems and procrastinate solving them. Do not adopt this behavior and don’t wait for someone else to solve your problems for you. This is exactly the attitude that keeps people away from you and makes them ignore you. In a relationship, in your workplace and among yourselves, problem-solving and overcoming obstacles are the best things you can do to become a role model for the environment and someone worth paying attention to.

12. Do not stop learning and developing

If you've read the whole article and you've come all this way knowing that you're already applying all of the above tips, give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself never to stop. Innovation is one of the main factors that attract people's attention in the modern era, and if you don’t internalize this, one day you may find that you are no longer relevant to many. So do not rest on your laurels, act consciously to make yourself a better person each passing day, and you’ll see that others will have a hard time ignoring your presence!

image source:  blog.robotiq.comPui Shan Chan

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