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15 Hilarious Responses to Public Notices

 For a dedicated prankster, every sign or public notice is an opportunity to get a huge audience for their shenanigans. However, when the sign or notice is actually a passive-aggressive complaint about something petty, the urge to come up with a witty response must be downright uncontrollable! Below, you'll find a collection of 15 petty notices along with their extremely hilarious responses!


1. Bozo won't be making that mistake again...funny signs
2. Some criminals just can't help returning to the scene of the crime...funny signs
3. Real beauty comes from within.funny signs
4. Now that's one hilarious response!funny signs
5. Every office needs a philosopher...
funny signs
6. Slow workers are tasty workers...
funny signs
7. School can be tough sometimes...
funny signs
8. I'm sure this went down really well...
funny signs
9. Let's just stay friends...
funny signs
10. Looks like somebody's getting hungry...funny signs
11. Ouch!funny signs
12. Poor Handel...funny signs
13. Deal with it!funny signs
14. He actually looks terrified of being removed...funny signs
15. Nice try!funny signs


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