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16 Tips for Easily and Efficiently Storing Winter Clothes

Spring weather can be a confusing time, as seeing what to wear is never easy. However, many, if not all of us have already started organizing our closets in anticipation of the warmer days to come. As we all know, winter clothes are never easy to store, especially because they are usually large and complicated to store, especially since we would like to keep our clothes in good condition until the next cold season. You should, therefore, familiarize yourself with the following 16 tips to help you store your winter clothing in the easiest and most efficient way.


1. Thoroughly clean all clothing items you plan to store for a long time

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Before you start packing your winter clothes for storage, you should thoroughly clean them all - put your clothes in the washing machine, send your coats to the dry cleaners and clean the shoes you’re not going to use. This will prevent surprising and unpleasant odors or stains come winter.

2. Store several items together in plastic suit covers

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Don’t throw out the plastic cover you get from the dry cleaners! You can use these covers to store a number of items together and keep them protected. To further protect them from mold caused by moisture, just pop a silica gel packet (those little white bags that often come in packages) into the cover.

3. Opt for folding knitwear instead of hanging it

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Any garment made of heavy, flexible fabric may stretch and lose its shape after a long period of being hung. Therefore, it is recommended that your sweaters and knitwear be folded and not hung.

4. Roll clothes instead of folding them

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In general, it is recommended to roll the clothes instead of folding them, whenever you intend to store them for a long period of time or not. This reduces the amount of wrinkling and saves a lot of storage space.

5. Hang your boots using skirt hangers

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If you have a large number of shoes and don’t have where to store them you can use this simple method. Just do not forget to clean the boots well before hanging, so that they don’t stain or dirty other clothing.

6. Use pool noodles to help boots keep their shape

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Pool noodles cut to size will help your boots stay up and prevent wrinkling and fold marks in the fabric. 

7. Keep winter socks in shoes

closet orginization

This one is a twofer! You can make sure your shoes keep their shape and make extra storage space by keeping your winter socks in your winter shoes!

8. Avoid moisture accumulating in shoes with baking soda

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Sprinkle a little baking soda into your shoes to keep them dry and odor free.

9. Double your hanging space

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Use a soda can tab to hang hangers on each other doubling your hanging space.

10. If you’ve run out of closet space, just store your unused clothes in a suitcase!

 You can save space in your closet if you store clothes in a suitcase. The video above will show you just how to fold your clothes to make for maximum storage! 

11. Place a few bags of silica gel in your closet

closet orginization

 These little wonder bags will protect your clothing from moisture accumulation and keep them fresh until next winter. 

12. Hang the scarves on a hanger 

closet orginization

Tie your scarves onto hangers to clear up drawer space


13. Stave of moths using lavender oil and some cotton balls

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If you want to protect your delicate fabrics from pests until next winter place a number of cotton balls dipped in lavender oil in small plastic bags around your closet.

14. make sure to put air holes in your plastic boxes!

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 If you keep your winter clothes in large plastic boxes, make sure to make holes in them to prevent moisture from accumulating, which will cause mold to develop. Another option is to throw a few packets of silica gel into them.

15. Store your wool and down blankets correctly

closet orginization

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your wool blankets and keep them in a pillowcase made of fabric and not in a plastic bag. The same applies to down blankets. Although many would recommend that you keep them in a vacuum bag, you should avoid this because they will lose their flexibility and volume when you take them out months later.

16. Donate the clothes you aren’t going to wear 


If you’re struggling to find space to store your clothes it may be time to consider getting rid of some of it. The best thing to do is to donate, as there are many families in need of clothes, especially come winter time. As difficult as it may be to part with the items in our closet, the feeling you’ll have once doing so is worth it. To help you figure out what’s worth keeping and what should be donated ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it still fit me?
  • Does it look good on me?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Have I worn it recently?
  • Do I feel confident when I wear it?
  • Does it represent who I am or who I want to be at this point in my life?

Answering no to even one of these questions is ground enough for donating that piece of clothing.

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