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11 Uses for Butter

Butter is an essential resource found in every kitchen. It's a necessary ingredient in many recipes, it aids cooking, and it enhances the flavor of many of our favorite foods. However, there are some unusual benefits of butter that you are surely missing. Surprisingly, butter is a brilliant solution to many of our household, food, and daily problems. Read this post to find out what else you can do with this multi-purpose dairy product. 
various uses for butter
Household Applications of Butter

1. Mask a Creaky Door

Have a noisy door in your house that is really getting on your nerves? Butter's got this covered, literally. Open a stick of butter and rub it onto the hinges of your creaky door, and say goodbye to the irritating sound. 

2. Remove Ink from Plastic

We often stain plastic objects, then attempt to remove the stains by rubbing them with water and soap. That's the hard way. The easiest solution to this is found in your fridge. Grab some butter, rub it generously onto the ink-stained plastic, and let it soak. After 20-40 minutes, wipe off the butter and there you go - your plastic looks like new. 

3. Untangle Jewelry

The tangling of necklaces happens very easily, usually at the worst time, when your patience levels aren't sky-high. It seems like the more you try to untangle it, the worse it becomes. Instead of letting it get to you, remember our friend butter. Rub a small quantity of butter onto the entwined area and using a fork, work out the entanglement.

various uses for butter

4. Get Rid of Watermarks from Wood

If you have stained your wooden furniture with condensation rings and don't know how to remove them - take this advice. Apply about a tablespoon of butter to the watermark, rub into the wood and leave it over-night. Wipe it off the following morning and you will see how the butter was able to replace the wood's lost moisture.

Butter in Food and Cooking 
various uses for butter

5. Slice Through Sticky Foods Easily

Isn't it annoying when you're cutting through a thick chocolate cake and by the time you get to the third piece your knife is full of sticky scraps? Next time you're slicing such food, remember to coat your knife with butter before you start. Just like that you'll avoid messiness and your knife will slice though food smoothly, making your slices nice and neat. 

6. Prolong the Freshness of Cheese

Like many other foods, cheese is difficult to keep from molding, especially in hot weather. No matter if you store it in cold temperature or not, mold will still find its way to your storage and grow on your vulnerable cheese. Prevent this from happening by covering the exposed portions of your cheese with butter, and it will form a protective seal that will keep it from getting moldy. 

7. Preserve Semi-Used Onions

Next time you store a partially-used onion, simply spread a bit of butter onto its moist surface and store it in foil. This will prolong the freshness of your onion for quite some time.

Body and Health Remedies Using Butter

various uses for butter

8. Aid in Swallowing Pills 

If you often find it hard to swallow sizeable pills and capsules, make your life easier by coating them with a little butter and then swallowing them with a gulp of water. This will be enough for them to easily slide down your throat.

9. Maintain Dry or Brittle Nails

Suffering from dry nails that turn weak and brittle is a common occurrence, especially when exposed to moist conditions. Surprisingly, butter can treat the problem easily. Before you go to sleep, find a stick of butter, rub it onto each cuticle, leaving a little dab, and put on a pair of cotton gloves. Leave your nails to soak the proteins from the butter overnight and it will help them regain their strength, as well as prevent them from cracking in the future. 

10. Soften Your Hands

We've all suffered from dry and rough skin on our hands, especially during the cold season. Butter contains plenty of proteins and fats which can act as a natural moisturizer, so you can find a quick supply of that in your own kitchen. Apply some butter to your hands and rub it in, the same way you do with a regular moisturizer.

11. Nourish Your Hair

If you suffer from dry hair and are finding conditioners useless, you may want to try a more natural alternative to having healthy, moisturized hair. Although it sounds unusual, my advice would be to saturate your hair with a little butter. Its natural properties will help tame the frizz, while giving your hair some healthy shine and smoothness. 

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