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Joke: Looking For the Perfect Woman

 Adam, a very good looking successful man decided that it was his birthright to marry only a perfect and equally beautiful woman so that they would produce equally beautiful offspring. To achieve his goal, Adam went out to explore the world and look for the woman who would meet his high standards and with whom he could spend the rest of his life.

The perfect woman

After many months of searching on every continent, Adam came to a small farm in Switzerland and asked to stay there. The widowed farmer warmly brought Adam home and introduced him to his three daughters.
When they entered the room, Adam was astonished by their beauty ... Each of the three daughters of the farmer was extraordinarily beautiful, and Adam decided that one of them would be his intended wife.

In the evening he told the farmer about his plans, and the happy father agreed that Adam would go on a date with each of his daughters to choose the one he liked best.

The perfect woman

After meeting her first daughter, Adam approached her father and said: "She is really beautiful, but she has slightly crooked toes, it's barely noticeable, but she is not for me."

The father only shook his head, and the next evening Adam went out to meet his second daughter. When they returned, he told her father: "She is really beautiful but has a barely noticeable lazy eye, so she is not for me."


On the third evening, Adam went out with the third daughter and when he returned he said to the father, "She's perfect, she's all I was looking for and I have to marry her right away!"

The wedding was planned quickly, and a few months later, Adam’s long-awaited firstborn was born. The new father came into the hospital room expecting to see his perfect offspring and was shocked when he saw that his child was hairy, ugly and not at all like him.



"How can it be???" he said to his father in law, standing next to him, "His mother and I are so beautiful!"

"Well," replied the father in law, "she's beautiful, but she was a bit pregnant when you met... really, barely noticeable..."






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