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12 DIY Tips That Will Make Life a Whole Lot Easier

 The internet is brimming with DIY tips and recipes that people are happy to share. Many of them will leave you scratching your head, while others, however strange, work, but take a bit of getting used to. Then there are those ingenious ideas that make you think “now why didn’t I think of that before?” These colorful and resourceful home hacks will save you time, money, and energy in all things domestic. They range from painting tips, to cupcake storage, and more:
1. Store your cupcake liners in a cylinder
If you have several packs of cupcake liners open, keep them all in one place by storing them in a tall cylinder jar or plastic container.
2. Stop drying paint from sticking to the counter
Keep a newly painted item from sticking to a surface while it dries by propping it up with a push-pin.
3. Store grocery bags in wet wipe containers
Re-purpose wet wipe containers into a dispenser for plastic grocery bags. Roll the bags and place in the center. Decorate with gift wrap to transform it into a beautiful item.
4. Do-it-yourself paint job tips
• Move furniture to the center of the room so that you have easy access to the walls and ceilings.
• When painting a ceiling cover your light fixtures with plastic bags.
• Remove light switches and socket cover plates and then tape over them.
• Cover carpets with canvas drop cloths and hard floors with rosin paper.
• Protect doors and windows with wide tape and plastic.
• The alcohol in facial cleansing wipes softens latex paint and can easily remove minor spills without harming the surface you’re wiping.
• When mixing paint with a drill, place the can in a paper or plastic bag to prevent splattering.
• Cover baseboards with overhanging tape.
• Release masking tape using heat. A hairdryer works best.
5. Easily remove stripped screws
Stripped screws are challenging to remove. Cover with a rubber band to make it easier to unscrew.
6. Use plastic wrap as a piping bag
Decorating cupcakes is the best part of baking, however cleaning piping bags is a pain. Save the bother and use disposable plastic wrap or a Ziploc bag instead.
7. Regrow scallions at home
DIY, tips,
Don’t throw away scallions scraps. Re-grow them in a dish to create your own supply of onions.
8. Use soda can tabs, as art hangers
If your picture frame doesn't have a good hanger attach a tab from a soda can to the back.
9. Make your own liquid soap
Instead of paying too much for these handbag sized anti-bacterial waterless soap bottles, refill an old one with liquid soap bought at Costco.
10. Instant glitter remover
Glitter is a pain to clear. An easy way to clean it up is using a lint roller.
11. Freezer paper is the best for sewing patterns
This paper is really suitable for tracing patterns that you can easily iron onto fabric.
12. Avoid cord chaos
Label old bread tags and tie them around your plug cords to prevent cord confusion.
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