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14 Gorgeous Flowers That Are Best Grown During Autumn

 Though it’s sad to see your favorite summer flowers fall apart and die as the weather gets cooler and the holiday seasons beckon, there are still plenty of beautiful flowers that can give your garden an amazing autumn bloom. These hardy specimens that will trick your eyes (if not your skin) into believing that spring has come around again. Here are 14 flowering plants that are just perfect for your garden during the fall season.
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1. Hoary Stock
The classic hoary stock can be seen in a wide variety of different colors. Some are white, some cream, while others are purple, lavender, pink or yellow, but all are beautiful at any time of the year, including the cooler months. Stocks are also very easy to take care of, which is handy.
2. Winter Jasmine
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The golden-yellow hued winter jasmine is just the perfect flower to perk up your spirits during the holiday seasons when scenery tends to get a little bit drab. There is an effortless grace and beauty about this delicate flower that make it fit to adorn any garden.
3. Viola
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The dramatically violet-colored violas are the most beautiful little flowers you could possibly fill your fall garden with. Their tiny pansy-like stature and gait make them very suitable for edging.
4. Cineraria
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
Cineraria are not your ordinary daisies, as you can see from this spell-binding image. If you take great care, by giving them lots of water and shade, and place them in a well-draining planter, you’ll see them flourish extraordinarily well, whatever the weather.
5. English Primrose
Why not transform your garden with a bit of English primrose? After all, this is the only variety of primrose I know of that will continue to maintain its heavenly bloom throughout fall. When it does go cool, try to give the primrose lots of sun and regular water.
6. Hellebores
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The rich purple or light pink colors of hellebores can be enjoyed beyond summer and right into fall. For best results, plant them in spring. It’s well worth the wait.
7. Iceland Poppies
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
Plant these tall poppies during full sunlight to make sure they rise above the pack when autumn arrives. As they hail from Iceland, these vivacious flowers do grow well when the weather is not as warm as it is during summer.
8. Nemesia 
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The vivid and powerful colors that are typical of the nemesia flower can be maintained throughout the fall, especially where there is plenty of sun and good quality soil. All you need to do is make sure you prune away the dying or faded flowers that you may spot. This way you can prolong the length of their bloom.
9. Ornamental Kale
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The kale you see here is so utterly beautiful. But what makes it even more special is that the intensity of its colors actually increases as the weather gets colder. However, though it’s related to the kale cabbage you occasionally tuck into with your salad, this kale is purely ornamental and is not meant to be eaten. 
10. Snapdragon
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
Snapdragons seem to offer the best of both worlds. With this flower, you have something beautiful that will resist the cold (assuming the climate is relatively mild) right up until winter. All they will ask from you in return is an abundant gift of water and sunshine: a small price to pay.
11. Pansies
Pansies are notoriously fragile, so you best take care to keep their pretty petals from bruising by watering them as gently as you can. The reward they bring in return, though, can last right through to winter.
12. Calendula 
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The calendula flower comes in orange, yellow or cream; offering a wonderful vibrant addition to any garden during fall. Though this plant can withstand relatively cool conditions, it will require plenty of sun, good soil, and reasonably regular water.
13. Candytuft 
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
These flowers also require well-drained, good quality soil (though partial sunlight is preferred) to stay green all year. They will usually bloom in both spring and fall, providing your garden with a nice regular dose of charm and prettiness.
14. Cyclamen
flowers, plants, fall, autumn, gardening
The sensuous cyclamen flower comes in all colors from white to deepest red. It grows in cooler climes, which means it well deserves a place on this list for autumnal garden flowers. Keep them out of direct sunlight for the very best results.
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