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19 Items You Keep Using Past Their Expiration Date...

We rarely give much thought to how long household items last in our home. Some of the things we own have likely been stored for years, possibly decades. And while they may seem eternal, the majority of them are actually limited by an expiration date. After which, such items will likely become useless or possibly even dangerous to use. Here's a list of the most common household items that actually have an expiration date. 
1. Hydrogen peroxide — 2 months
expiration of household items

Though this item may be stored in everyone's medicine cabinet, few people know that hydrogen peroxide loses its properties after 2 months. 

2. Spices — 2 years

Every 2 years be sure to replace the spices in your cabinet. They tend to lose their properties and flavor after some time. 

3. Sports shoes — 250 miles or 6 months

Sports shoes actively lose their shock absorption system, soles and their backs tend to wear out. Running shoes should be replaced every 250 miles, and shoes for other sports activities should be changed after 6 months of regular use. 

4. Tea bags — 6 months

Tea leaves tend to ferment over time. So even in closed and airtight packaging, tea bags are no longer suitable for drinking after 6 months. 

5. Sunglasses — 2 years
expiration of household items

You've probably never given much thought to how long your sunglasses last, but ultraviolet rays have negative effects on lenses. The exact shelf life is determined by the manufacturer, but generally, it is recommended that you change your sunglasses once every two years. 

6. Toothpaste and toothbrush — 1 year (toothpaste) and 3 months (toothbrush)

Your toothbrush should be changed once every three months, ensuring that it won't turn into an incubator of bacteria. Generally, toothpaste lasts for no more than a year once its first opened. So be sure to check the date.

7. Towels — 3 years

Wet towels are an ideal environment for bacteria. In addition, frequently washing towels wears the fabric out especially when washing at high temperatures. For this reason, it is recommended that you change the towels once every three years. 


8. Combs — 1 year

On average, the shelf life of a comb or brush is just one year. Even if you clean your comb regularly, using it longer than this can provoke dandruff and problems with hair. 

9. Makeup brushes and sponges — 5 years (brushes) and 6 months (sponges)

Your makeup brushes should be washed after each use and should be replaced every 5 years. Sponges, on the other hand, should be replaced every 6 months. 

10. Bra — 2 years
expiration of household items

This wardrobe item tends to lose its shape after two years - after which the inserts tend to deform and the fabric stretches. 

11. Slippers — 6 months

Slippers can turn into a potential breeding ground for fungus after being used frequently for 6 months. 

12. Pillows — 2-3 years

No matter the type of filling, a pillow will lose its shape after 2 to 3 years. Pillows also act like a home for dust mites. 

13. Blanket — 7 years

In the same way that pillows go through their changes, so can blankets. The only difference is that they can live longer - up to 7 years. However, with care and regular dry-cleaning, you can extend the life of a blanket by up to 10 years. 

14. Mattress — 8-10 years

Mattresses need to be changed at some point too. And every 6 months, it should be turned around so as not to wear out so quickly. 

15. Wooden cutting boards — 3 years
expiration of household items

After 3 years, be sure to change your cutting board, since otherwise, it will become an ideal environment for bacteria. In addition, cutting boards tend to lose their shape because of humidity and knives. 

16. Spatulas — 2 years

Spatulas used for stirring food, or any other utensils that touch food should be changed every 2 years. 

17. Sponges for washing the dishes — 2 weeks

Sponges for washing dirty plates are only safe to use for 2 weeks. 

18. Vitamins — 3 years

Vitamins can only be stored for 3 years. After which they will likely lose their beneficial features. 

19. Smartphone — 2-3 years

Smartphones rarely ever last for more than 2 to 3 years. After this period, it will start to glitch. This is especially true in the case of models with a non-removable battery. 

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