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How On Earth Are Cats Able to Sleep in Such Odd Places?!

 If there's one thing that all cats are expert in, it's falling asleep wherever they happen to be. Having said that, I think you'll be amazed by how the cats pictured here managed to get even one wink of rest, curled up in these unfriendly locations. You just have to laugh at these furry cuties, don't you!?
Cats can sleep in any box, they just need to make a few improvements.
Even if no one is around, it's possible to get a hug while sleeping.
This sleeping cat doesn't look as though she needs a fireman's help.
For every cat there is a different sleeping style.
This is no time for watering the plants - someone is sleeping.
When you can't decide between sleeping or showering, best let nature decide.
Some cats are just made for each other.
This cat might need a little help turning over during sleep.
Which of these cats is gonna get the best sleep? Place your bets.
She's found a mattress so good it feels like air itself.
I guess I'm not walking the dog today.
Someone's been watching too much YouTube!
"The kid can walk, I'm having his chair."
If dogs don't like postmen, then there is one species that certainly does.
You see a roof, she sees an orthopedic bed.
They don't even pick up their sleeping habits from their parents! 
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