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Hilarious Photographs of Funny Victorians

 Why did I ever believe that the 1800s was a grim and serious era, full of people working so hard they didn't even have time to notice the smog encircling their misery? These hilarious photographs prove that it's just a myth; Victorians were hilarious! Once they had invented the camera, they wasted no time in having tremendous fun with it. Just look at these 16 funny pictures of a wickedly funny era. One great advantage you will gain - besides all the laughter - is that you'll feel a closeness with your relatively recent ancestors that you never expected: 
Meet some royal blood - the Duchess of Darmstadt Dhaka! 
What's her cup size?
In 1840 there must have been quite a trend for face-pulling.
What's funnier than men dressed up for a night out?
They did the same things we do, differently.
This is Tsar Nicholas II and his buddies, no doubt before his forced abdication.
Big families always know how to have a laugh.
Dancing the night away.
Frolicking at the beach.
Nurses had terrific camaraderie.
Spot the cheeky pet!
We all love taking baby snaps! 
Victorians had a thing for cute animal pictures.
This is the first time I've been mocked by a Victorian.
funny victorian


The joy in her face is so wonderful.
They tried to be austere and calm, but humanity always shone through.
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