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This Intriguing Method Is All You Need to Organize Your Home

 Letting go of clutter is hard to do, but once you overcome that step, there's a certain calmness to be found in a well-organized cupboard or drawer. One such method, which focuses on minimalism, delves into the teachings of Japanese cleaning guru Marie Kondo. Her housekeeping manual, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has inspired legions of readers to become clutter free and throw away their unneeded belongings. Below are 18 examples of Marie's method at work, inspiring you to organize your own home. 
1. Reduce the number of clothes in your closet
When de-cluttering, first begin with your clothes. Go through your belongings, keeping only those items which 'spark joy'. 
2. Your closet space should be used up well
In this organization method, a well-organized closet should be able to hold many items. 
3. You should be able to fit all your clothes
declutter your home
Image Source: Instagram user justagirl_abby
Your closet space should have enough room for two people's belongings and more.
4. And have room to store more items
A well-tidied and organized closet should have enough space to store more than just clothes. 
5. Go through all the papers that you don't need in your office space
Your office space probably contains too many old papers you simply don't need. Go through that pack of papers and see what you can get rid of, especially if your office space is small. 
6. Store any items you can vertically
declutter your home
Image Source: Instagram user GoingZeroWaste
Piles can get pretty messy. Kondo urges that you store your belongings vertically. Here, this reader employs Kondo's advice using tea towels.
7. And employ the vertical stacking method wherever possible
This method can be used in drawers too, with your t-shirts, enabling you to see everything.
8. Storing small items can be problematic
Roll your socks, to preserve the elastic and stack them in a vertical position. 
9. Color code the items in your drawer
declutter your home
Image Source: Instagram user janerichmond
Kondo advises that all things should be organized by their color. 
10. Keep small boxes on hand for future storing solutions
Small and cheap plastic boxes can prove to be effective future storage solutions. You can use them to keep your jewelry for instance. 
11. Reduce the number of books to free up a great deal of space
Kondo believes that people keep their books for longer than necessary. A book which you no longer read is no longer useful. Keep only the books that 'spark joy'.
12. Go through your bathroom items too
declutter your home
Image Source: Instagram user mikedickson
It's easy to get carried away with all the items we keep in the bathroom. Pare them down and keep what's left in small containers. 
13. Keep your products out of sight
Kondo advises her readers that they wipe down their products once they have been used and keep them out of sight until the next time. 
14. The kitchen should not be overlooked either
Keep countertops clear and most items out of sight. 
15. Your kitchen should be kept in order
declutter your home
Image Source: Instagram user noz__ie
One method that she advises is storing containers within containers. 
16. Don't forget about your entryway
A cabinet kept in your entryway can be used to store everyday items and shoes.
17. Keep your cabinets in order
This includes cabinets used as storage. All cabinets should be orderly behind closed doors. 
Bonus! Watch Marie Kondo pack socks, bras, panties and more into a tiny space:


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