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Travel the World's Most Calming Atmospheres With Ambient Music

As a wise man once said:
"I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself
What a wonderful world."
-Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World
We invite you to partake in the glory of the beauty of the earth. Put the playlist on play and let the relaxing music and breathtaking vistas take you from the highest peaks of the Alps, through scenic roads in Norway, all the way to the deepest corners of the Amazon jungle. The playlist is approximately 6 hours long.



Scenic views and beautiful birds

Enjoy your first dip into the wild with over 130 different species of birds. You'll see them all: big and small, vividly colorful with magnificent beaks, colorful feathers, and beautiful wings. Birds are some of the most diverse animals on Earth, so starting with them is only fitting. 

The wilderness of the deep jungle 

After we have marveled at the beauty of our avian friends, we move on to stand in awe of the elegant predators of the Amazon jungle. We'll fly over views of large and fierce bodies of water, hop over to mingle with some monkeys, and then move on to zoom in on some peculiar insects.  

Heights of the Alps

From South America, we move eastward to Europe. This trip will take us over to the European Alps, and we'll fly over them to enjoy a bird's eye view! Take a deep breath and then take in all the vegetation and the small creeks between the mountain peaks. Truly show-stopping! 

Scandinavian fjords of Norway

Pack your bags because we're still on the move - this time moving towards the North Pole of our little globe, we'll be flying over the endless fjords of Norway. Are there any Lord of the Ring fans in the crowd? The villages we'll see will remind you of the picturesque shire, or maybe of Rivendell, the valley of the Elves. 

Mediterranean views of Italy

After the cool and chilling atmosphere of the Alps and Norway, it's only fitting for us to ditch the coat in favor of a much-needed beach vacation. And what better place to work on your tan than the Mediterranean land of the boot? We're talking about Italy, of course. 


Untamed open vistas of Africa

Finishing off our tour around the world with the farthest continent we've visited so far. We're flying all the way across the globe to Africa to enjoy both wildlife and stunning landscape, all wrapped into one. We'll visit the beach, the endless open deserts, the mountains, waterfalls, and valleys too. 
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