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6 Pressure Points that Reduce Anger

It can be very difficult to rein in intense emotions, like when laughter is uncontrollable or tears start streaming. Anger is especially dangerous because it can cause harm if left unchecked. To help mitigate this, traditional Chinese medicine recommends massaging six pressure points. GB-15 is one of them, and it is said to help with relaxation and mental clarity in a matter of moments. Give it a try to see if it works!

1. GB-15 – for relaxation and clear thinking

pressure points to reduce anger GB-15
In Chinese medicine, these pressure points are mostly used for treating psychological and emotional problems. Applying pressure to them for a couple of minutes can help to reduce frustration, and also bring mental clarity during moments of rage. The most relaxing way to do it is to have someone else massage them for you since the effects won't be the same if you do it yourself. Furthermore, massaging these points can help prevent you from crying if you can't control your tears.

The two points lie right above the eyes, around 0.5 cm above the hairline. Apply gentle pressure to the two points for a few minutes. Additionally, GB-41 can be used to ease the tension and anxiety that lead to anger.

2. GB-41 – relieve the emotions of worry and frustration

pressure points to reduce anger GB-41
Everyone has been through a moment of extreme frustration that resulted in a heightened level of anger. In such cases, it is suggested to massage the GB-21 point. This action can lead to a sense of ease and prevent tears caused by tension, and also help you make better and braver decisions. Those who suffer from fearfulness and are looking for a simple way to have an internal dialogue without feeling frustrated, irate, or scared should consider massaging this point. However, it is advisable for pregnant women to avoid this point.

​You can find this point on the top of the feet and press down the space between the fourth and fifth toes until you feel a dip. Then, apply gentle pressure to both feet for a few minutes. 

3. GB-21 – reduce anger and feelings of resentment from the past

pressure points to reduce anger GB-21
An abundance of anger and bitterness that is held inside us can be detected in the shoulders; they become tight and the range of motion of the neck and shoulders decreases. Applying pressure to this area can move the energy stored in the shoulders to the parts of the body below. However, this isn't suggested for pregnant women.

This pressure point is situated at the halfway point between the top of the neck and the edge of the shoulder. You must apply constant pressure to the trapezius muscle. This is sometimes difficult to do on your own, so it is preferable to get someone to massage this point while you are sitting or lying down. 

4. PC-6 – provides quick relief from stress and fury

pressure points to reduce anger PC-6
Applying pressure to this particular area near the wrist has a positive effect on the nervous system, reducing anger and stress, as well as alleviating nausea and seasickness. It is not recommended for pregnant women to press points from sections two to three. However, massaging this point can be very helpful in reducing morning sickness.

To locate the point, put three fingers underneath the wrist and the position for the fourth finger will be the exact spot to apply pressure until you feel minor discomfort (1-2 on a 1-10 pain scale). LU-7 is an excellent technique for dealing with anger caused by outside influences.

5. LU-7 – relieve your anger about things you can't control

pressure points to reduce anger LU-7
According to traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are the organ that helps us deal with stressful experiences and grief. Massages at this point are believed to have a positive effect on them, providing relief from these feelings. Because of this, if you feel that your anger stems from factors that are not under your control and causes you to lose control over your actions and actions, it is recommended that you chew on this point.

To find it, put your palms together as if you were trying to shake your hand. With the help of the index finger above the thumb, press for a few minutes on the socket in the forearm in the area that continues the thumb bone.

6. LV-3 / LV-2 – relieve anger towards another person

pressure points to reduce anger LV-3 / LV-2
If you have a lot of anger towards a certain person and you don't let this feeling come out, it is highly recommended that you massage the LV-2 point for a few minutes. On the other hand, if you feel angry and are about to lash out at that person, it is advised that you press the LV-3 point to relax. You can of course massage both in any situation, and they will provide you with immediate relaxation, but we don't recommend doing this during pregnancy.

In order to locate the LV-2 point, press the top of the foot directly between the big toe and the second toe. Directly beneath this point is the LV-3 spot.
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