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30 Bad Habits We Need to Quit

It has been said that we can be harsher with ourselves than anyone else, and if we want to progress in life, we must leave behind anything that holds us back. In this article, you'll discover some of the things you should stop doing to yourself to gain the joy that you deserve!

30 things we need to stop doing to ourselves: man face in arms

Davi Ozolin

1. Quit wasting time with the wrong people

Life is too precious to waste it with people that take away your happiness. If someone wants you in their life, they'll make time for you. Remember, true friends aren't those that are there for you when you're at your best; they're the ones who are by your side during challenging times.

2. Face your difficulties instead of running away from them.

It won't be a piece of cake, and all of us struggle to overcome our obstacles. We can't expect to find a solution the moment we face a problem. It is natural to become overwhelmed, discouraged, and stumble. That's the point of life - to confront issues, become educated, adjust, and eventually work them out over time. It's this process that defines us.

3. Don't deceive yourself

You might be able to deceive others, however, it's impossible to trick yourself. Our lives only improve when we are bold and take risks, and the most complicated thing we can do is start being sincere with ourselves.

4. Don't sideline your desires!

Living for someone else can be so overwhelming that you forget your own worth. This does not mean you should deny helping others, but that you must provide help to yourself too. Now is the perfect time to go after your aspirations and dreams.

5. Don't try to be someone else

One of life's greatest battles is staying true to yourself in a world that wants to make you like everyone else. There will always be someone more attractive, smarter, or younger, but they can never be you. Don't adapt to make people like you. Just be yourself and the right people will come to embrace what you have to offer.

30 things we need to stop doing to ourselves: silly girl


6 Quit clinging to the past

It's impossible to move on to the next part of your life if you are still stuck in the past. You need to learn to let go and refrain from agonizing over the same things that were in the past. Remind yourself that what has happened has happened and there is nothing you can do to alter it, the only thing you can control is how you react to it. 

7. Don't be scared to make a blunder

Doing something incorrectly is more beneficial than doing nothing at all. Behind every victory are a series of unsuccessful attempts, and each failure is a step towards success. The greatest sorrow is for the things you never did, not for the things you did.

8. Cease being hard on yourself for past wrongdoings

No matter how many wrong decisions we make, one thing is for sure - these slip-ups help us to discover the perfect person and things. Everyone makes missteps, we all struggle internally and even regret certain things from the past, yet these experiences enable us to create our future. Every single thing that has ever happened to us in life prepares us for a moment that is yet to occur

9. Refrain from seeking joy in others

If you are not pleased with who you are inside, you won't be content in a long-term relationship with someone else. You must bring stability into your life before you can share it with somebody else.

10. Forget about trying to find joy in material possessions

It's the little things in life that bring real happiness. People try to fill the voids in their lives with expensive items, when in reality, what they need is genuine love and contentment - these are things that won't cost you a thing. 

30 things we need to stop doing to ourselves: suitcase open with money inside


11. Don't get too caught up in the details

Sometimes, it's better to just face the facts and make a decision. Change won't occur if you just run away from the situation. Taking risks is a part of growth. Be brave enough to make a decision even when things aren't perfect. 

12. Don't believe you're unable to take a chance

In life, we often come across chances that push us to go out of our comfort zone, and that's normal! You won't ever feel at ease or ready right away.

13. Be mindful when entering into relationships!

It's wiser to be by yourself than to be with someone not so great. Don't hurry - if it needs to happen, it will occur when the time is right with the perfect person and for the best purpose. When you're ready, that's when you should fall in love, not when you're alone.

14. Don't hold yourself back from making new connections!

Be mindful that each person you come across in life has a purpose - some may challenge you, some might exploit you, and some may even teach you something valuable. But most importantly, there will be someone who will bring out the best in you!

15. Don't engage in competition with other people

Don't worry about the things that others can do better than you and focus on surpassing your accomplishments. Success is something that you must battle with yourself only.

30 things we need to stop doing to ourselves: runners getting ready


16. Stop feeling envious of others

Nothing can ruin a person's joy like jealousy - try to recognize the things you have that others don't and remember the wise words of the proverb: "Enjoy what you have while you have it."

17.  Stop grumbling 

Make the most of the unexpected curveballs life throws your way. It may not make sense now, but if you look back, you'll discover that most of these things moved you in a better direction. Everyone can see that you're much more resilient than before, and you will keep on growing in strength.

18. Don't bother explaining yourself to others

Your real friends don't need it, and your foes won't believe it anyway. Just do what you believe is right. In the long run, you'll always be happy you did. Don't compromise who you are.

19. Don't let other people bring you down to their level

Don't adjust your standards to suit those who won't make any effort to improve theirs. As the saying goes, they will either beat you with experience, or you'll end up just like them. As we said before, don't compromise who you are.

20. Don't stay mad forever

It's not worth it to spend your days in anger and resentment. You are only harming yourself by holding on to grudges. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you condone the wrong that was done to you, but it means that you are choosing to not let it ruin your happiness. Let it go and find peace. Do not forget that forgiveness is not for anyone else, but for yourself. If necessary, forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes and strive to be better.

30 things we need to stop doing to ourselves: woman angry face


21. Don't keep repeating the same cycle

When you feel overwhelmed, remember to take a moment to breathe. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. Step back and take a break from time to time to get a different perspective.

22. Cease disregarding the charm of the small matters 

Appreciate the small joys in life, since eventually you will look back and recognize that they are the big things in life. The peak of your life will be those minute moments spent in the arms of your beloved. 

23.  Refrain from attempting perfection

The real world does not honor perfectionism, but rather people who get things done. Planning ahead is good, but too many people plan all their life and never get around to it! Doing something half-right is better than doing it perfectly never.

24. Stop pretending everything is fine when it's not

It is alright to fall apart sometimes. You do not always have to give the impression of being strong, and you don't have to constantly demonstrate that everything is going well for you. Do not worry about what other people think - sob if you must - it is beneficial. The earlier you do this, the sooner you can start smiling again.

25. Stop taking the easiest way

Life is not a walk in the park, particularly when trying to accomplish something of consequence and importance. Do not choose the easy way out. Do something out of the ordinary.

30 things we need to stop doing to ourselves: forest roads

James Wheeler

26. Don't blame others for your issues

The amount of success you can achieve in reaching your ambitions depends on the amount of accountability you take for your life. When you point the finger at others for your troubles, you take away your responsibility - you're allowing someone else to have control over that part of your life.

27. Don't try to be 'everything' to everyone

It's impossible, and trying to do so will only leave you drained. Lifting up the spirits of another person can make a world of difference for you. Keep your objectives within a manageable range.

28. Stop worrying all the time

Worrying won't get rid of tomorrow's troubles, it will take away the joy from today gladly though. With TV trying to make us feel afraid and the human brain being the worry machine it has always been, it's all too easy to do. Don't fall into that trap. Stop and do something that makes you smile.

29. Don't dwell on the things you don't desire - think of what you DO desire!

Positivity is the driving force behind those great accomplishments. If you start each morning with the idea that something great will take place, you will eventually find that you are correct.

30. Be thankful for your life and all it offers

Somebody elsewhere is now fighting for their life. Instead of fixating on what you don't have, concentrate on what you have that others don't. Have an enthusiastic attitude about it all!


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