Can You Define These Archaic Words?

While most of us use about 20,000 words, the English language holds more than 1 million. That means we are constantly leaving words behind. A shame, really, since there are so many fascinating words we used to enjoy using. Can you guess what these uncommon words mean?
A foolish person
A cow stealer
A white calf
A pearl
White gray
Up to standard
Good for nothing
Up to no good
To no avail
A parrot
A pigeon
A raven
A blue jay
A menial servant
A person who cleans fireplaces
A person who kidnaps children
A mugger who only robs the rich
Wake Up
A purely ornamental thing
The crown of a princess
Artificial eye
Crystal Rock
Showing the effects of alcohol
Very fat, obese
Something of low quality
Pertaining to fish
To stare at someone hoping they'll invite you to join them
To be so hungry you start to feel angry
To laugh so hard you groan
To help someone in the hopes they'll do you a favor
Talking and gossiping too much
Wasting time on purpose
To sleep for whole days
To hit someone so hard they lose consciousness
Going on a stroll while smoking a pipe
Going on a boat ride in a lake
Hiking in the countryside
Taunting a woman you are interested in
To render something apart
To hit the ground in a powerful collision
To go in search of treasure
To enlist in the army
A spy
A group of crows
The metal (or plastic) tip of the umbrella
A steam locomotive
A steam boat
A propeller plane
A submarine
Try Again?
Oh dear! Unfortunately, it seems you didn't make it past this test. But don't worry, since all you need to do is sit back and relax and do a few more vocabulary tests so you'll see improvement in no time at all! Never give up, and be sure to take this test again as soon as you feel ready!
Not Bad!
Pretty good! While you didn't quite pass with flying colors, you got enough answers correct to get you enough marks to pass. We'd like to encourage you to keep it up, since having a good vocabulary is invaluable in this age where illiteracy seems to be getting increasingly common. Congratulations from all of us at BabaMail, we can't wait to see you at your graduation!
You ACED It!
Outstanding! Your incredible score shows that you've certainly done a lot of reading in your life, since your range of vocabulary is off the wall! We'd be very surprised if you weren't a native English speaker, since obtaining such a result would take many years of dedicated study. Congratulations from all of us at BabaMail, we're looking forward to hearing your speech at the graduation!
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