How Considerate Are You?

 Are you considerate of others? Do you put others before you, or do you put yourself first? This personality test will try to determine exactly that...
You see someone you do not know with their fly down. What do you do?
Tell them in private as not to embarrass them
Snicker softly and walk away
Say "you're flying low" as you walk past them
You pull into a store parking lot and see an open spot near the front, but you see someone else is heading for it as well. What do you do?
Floor it and take the spot before they can
Quickly try to get there first but are not upset if they beat you
Wave to them to let them know they can take the spot
Let them take it but give them a dirty look as you drive past them
Your friend stubs their toe on the table leg, you...
Laugh out loud but go over to help them up
Giggle softly with your hand over your mouth but do nothing
Go to their aid and laugh if you see they are ok
Jump up and see if they're ok
Your friend is trying Karaoke for the first time and they are anxious. Their singing is really bad and you can see they are getting embarrassed. You...
Clap and cheer them on saying they are doing well
Slouch into your chair and hope no one thinks you are with them
Jump up and take the spotlight from them, they're bad anyways
Laugh at them with everyone else
Start singing loudly even worse than they are
Your best friend hurt your feelings but came and apologized to you and asked for your forgiveness, you...
Forgive them and say that all is forgotten and give them a hug
Accept their apology but secretly plan revenge
Ignore them and pretend you don't hear them, you don't feel like speaking to them right now
Tell them it's ok but let them know you want them to make it up to you
Your friend comes back from vacation and has put on some extra weight. They feel self conscious about it. What do you do?
Tell them they still look good, a little extra weight never hurt anyone
Help them set up a diet and workout plan and do it with them for support
Comment about their weight, but just to motivate them to diet and exercise
Tell them they needed it, they were too skinny before
Someone cuts in front of you in a line at the Tim Horton's. What do you do?
Swear at them and tell them to get in the back of the line
Tell them politely that you were in line first
Tap them firmly on the shoulder and tell them to get in line or else
Step back and let them in, there's no point in making a scene
The new girl at school drops her lunch tray in the cafeteria. Everyone starts laughing at her, including your friends. What do you do?
Point and laugh but later apologize, you don't want her to think you are mean
Glare at your friends then go and help her
Help her clean up the mess and invite her to sit with you and your friends
Help her clean up the mess but tell her not to be so serious, after all, it was funny
You see someone come out of a restaurant bathroom with toilet paper stuck to their shoe and they don't realize it, you...
Run to them and point to the paper, not able to speak because you are laughing
Quickly tell them before they re-enter the restaurant
Ignore them completely, people like that deserve to be laughed at
Tell the hostess so she can tell them
As you are driving, you end up behind an "L" driver who is going VERY slow and carefully, you...
Pull up right behind them and tail them for a while to let them know they are bugging you
Speed up and pass them pulling right in front of them just to scare them a little
Give them plenty of room but pass as soon as you can
Give them a thumbs up as you pass to let them know they are doing well
Your neighbor rushes to your door asking you to help find her runaway dog, she's tearing up as she frantically tries to figure out what to do, you...
Tell her you can't be bothered right now and close your door
Grab your coat and walk the neighborhood with her
Tell her to ask the other people on the street to see if they saw anything, really you just don't want to get involved
Ask her to come in and sit down for a minute to calm down and then make a clear plan of action
If you saw a person crying on the street, what would you do?
Go up to them and ask what's wrong
Leave them there
Offer them support
Give them money
10% Considerate
According to your answers, you don't seem to put much stock in being considerate to other people. This may mean you don't like other people, you don't like being considerate, or you're just quite self-centered. There can be many other reasons for this dark outlook on life, but let us just tell you this - the more considerate you are, the more people will be considerate of you later on - as well as appreciate and respect you. Think of what you can do to be a bit more aware of other people.
50% Considerate
You are about on the average scale for being considerate. You like helping people, especially your friends and family, but you will stop at harming yourself or your interests when helping, depending on how close the person is to you. In other words, you look out for people but you look out for yourself just a little more - this does not make you selfish, it makes you like most people in the world; interested in helping people but not interested in harming their own lives to do so. When you can, you do offer a lot of help and your friends and family appreciate that.
90% Considerate
You are almost TOO considerate! You are a really considerate person, and you often care more for the needs of others than your own. You put the needs of others before your own, you are well mannered, helpful and kind-hearted. Your friends and family know you are numero uno when it comes to needing help. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people ready and willing to take advantage of people like you. But that's not YOUR fault, it's theirs. You should keep being good and kind, and whatever they do to exploit it just makes them look like terrible people. That said, keep your eyes open and try to avoid bad people who will never appreciate how kind and nice you truly are.
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