Where Should You Live?

 Have you ever dreamed of what your life would look like if you lived abroad? For that purpose, we have prepared for you a personality test that will help you understand where it would be best for you to live if the world was open to you. Answer it honestly and from your deepest gut feelings, because only in this way will you reveal the answer. Who knows, you might be surprised to discover a world of possibilities open to you!
What do you think is the most important item in this image?
The computer
The smartphone
The Book
The earphones
The sunglasses
We all want our children to receive first-class education - which of these fields, which we don't necessarily learn in school, is the most important in your opinion?
Developing an entrepreneurial spirit and business understanding
Painting, music or other artistic fields
Manners and good behavior
The use of tools
Learning world culture and travelling
What of the following areas would you most like to improve in your workplace, or is important to you in general?
High salary
Relaxed work environment
Less work hours
Passion for the job
Diversifying my interests
Which flower most attracts you?
Zachi Evenor
Rick Kimpel
Greene County, Pennsylvania Photo Archives Project
Where does your family come from, originally?
Middle East
Which transportation method do you prefer?
Which landscape is most attractive to you?
How would one describe your driving style?
I don't have a special style
I don't have a license
Relaxed, lawful driving
Relaxed but bends the rules a bit
Fast and professional
Which of these are you likely to order in a restaurant?
White Wine
Red Wine
What makes you most envious of other countries' residents?
Their quality of life
Their relaxed life
Their culture
Their rich history
Their study and career opportunities
Which image makes you most hungry?
What is the detail that most jumps at you in this image?
The blue shirt
The notebooks and writing tools
The watch and bracelet of the writing woman
The cup of coffee
The wooden desk
Your psyche is thirsty for the success and fulfillment of the dreams that the land of endless possibilities offers. It is important for you to live a good and comfortable life, fill your days with pleasures of all kinds and be your most successful self. Of course these aspirations can also be fulfilled elsewhere in the world, but the US provides quite a few of the things you need. People like you are not afraid to stand up for themselves when needed and usually live by to the book, but those who annoy you too much should always be careful… Your friends will probably testify For the great generosity and your concern for others, and you certainly deserve all the credit for that! If you already live in the great United States - Congratulations! You're right where you should be.
People like you are right at home in countries like the Netherlands, where the pace of life is calm, no one is in too much of a hurry to get anywhere and one can think of various issues in a liberal way. If you decided to go and live in Hollandwe are sure that others would connect with you easily, because you have something calm and accepting that makes people like you great friends. You like being active and moving yourself, and you have a great appreciation for good food and good coffee. You don't need much in life to gain happiness, and this is an enviable trait that we encourage you to preserve and maintain as much as possible to ensure yourself a truly happy life.
It is best for you to live in a country that attaches great importance to high culture, refinement and the enjoyment of the best things life has to offer. These are not really characteristics of spoiled people, but rather of those who know what they deserve to receive in life and are not ashamed of it. You can enjoy such an atmosphere in many other countries in Europe and around the world, but if we were to put you in a Parisian cafe now with a rich pastry and a glass of sparkling champagne, you would probably feel right at home. The world sometimes think of people like you as haughty, as a little cold and distant, but the truth is that you just have your own way of showing love, and while you care for other people, you never forget about yourself as well, as you vow to enjoy your time on this earth.
It is evident that Italian passion flows through your arteries and veins, which is undoubtedly a large part of your magic, and thanks to it, it's very suitable for you to live in Italy. The boot is full of people like you who love and hate wholeheartedly, and that's no small part of what makes people attracted to you as a person. In Italy your psyche will welcome the feel of this ancient culture, which is something that is very important to you, although of course with more emphasis on the family. You are very close to your family and probably keep in communication as often as possible. Today you can find in this country almost everything your soul may want: from the chic and fashion capital of Milan through glorious Rome to southern Sicily where honor and family are of great importance - just as they are in your life.
Your psyche is drawn to the glorious heritage of Spain and to the rich culture of the homeland of the merchants and explorers of this well-known country. Living in Spain can provide you with the special atmosphere and opportunities that people like you need, because it's very difficult for you to stay stuck in one place for a long time and you will never resist an exciting adventure. You love the sea, get bored easily and you can be as strong and stubborn as a bull or as elegant and passionate as a flamenco dancer. Spain is also very suitable for you because it is a country of people who are just crazy about football, and if the world of sports attracts you, you will not really be surprised to find that this is the industry that interests you the most.
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