Are You Logical Enough For These?

 Are you a logical person? Are you good at extracting information from a set of statements? Well, in the spirit of the SATs, we present you with 12 logical problems, each requiring different logical skills. Can you crack this logic test like an egg?
If Sarah goes to the store, then Tom will go to the lake. If Tom goes to the lake, then Mark will go home. If Sarah goes to the store, which of the following statements must be true? 1. Tom goes to the lake. 2. Mark goes home. and 3. Mark does not go home.
Since Sarah goes to the store, we know Tom will go to the lake. Thus option I is true. Since Tom goes to the lake, we know that Mark will go home. Thus option II is true. Since option II is true, we know that option III is false.
Statement 1
Statement 2
Statement 3
Statements 1 & 2
Statements 1 & 3
Complete the sentence: SAFE is to SECURE as ________ is to PROTECT.
Look at this series: 12, 11, 13, 12, 14, 13 - What number should come next?
This is an alternating number of subtraction series. First, 1 is subtracted, then 2 is added.
X is a subset of Y and Y is a subset of Z. Which of the following statements must be true?
If 1 is in Y, then 1 is in X.
If 2 is in Z, then 2 is in X.
If 3 is in Z, then 3 is in Y.
If 4 is in X, then 4 is in Z.
Which word does NOT belong with the others?
The rest are all parts of a book.
Which word does NOT belong with the others?
The rest are parts of an aero plane.
Complete the sentence: CUP is to LIP as _______ is to BEAK.
You drink out of a cup with your lips. Similarly, birds bite grass with their beaks.
Complete the sentence: PARTS is to STRAP as WOLF is to _________.
Rearranging the letters..
One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys are going towards river. Every monkey holds one tortoise in their hands. How many animals are going towards the river?
1 rabbit is going towards river NOT the six elephants. And these 6 elephants saw 2 monkeys are going towards river. Each monkey is holding 1 tortoise. So that's one rabbit, two monkeys and two tortoises that went to the river.
What is my name, if my Mother is a Mathematician, and my Father is a Chemist. And they gave a Code to My Name as "Iron59"?
Fe is the chemical symbol for iron, and 59 is LIX in Roman numerals - FELIX
Five spices — lemon pepper, marjoram, nutmeg, oregano, and paprika — are aligned next to one another between the left and right sides of a kitchen cabinet. Their arrangement must conform to the following conditions: The marjoram is immediately to the right of the paprika. The oregano is either all the way to the left or second from the left. The lemon pepper is farther left than the nutmeg. Which of the following could NOT be true?
If L is in the middle, you have to put P and M to its right, because they always travel together. But that doesn’t leave room to put N to the right of L, so you can’t fulfill the third condition.
The paprika is second from the left.
The marjoram is to the right of the lemon pepper.
The nutmeg is exactly in the middle.
The lemon pepper is exactly in the middle.
In a party we have a grandmother, a father, a mother, four sons and their wives, and one son and two daughters for each son. How many females are there at the party?
Try Again?
Well this test seems to have stumped you! Maybe you're a bit tired or unfocused, or maybe you need to eat a bit and rest before taking a logic test. Why not try these things and take the test again when you are in a more suitable condition? That said, you can check your mistakes by clicking on 'show answers'.
You logic is above average! You have a really good brain in that head of yours, so keep it safe and keep it fed with interesting information and challenges so it never goes stale. Take care of your brain, and it will take care of you. You still had some mistakes, so you like you can check them out by clicking on 'Show Answers'.
Super Logical!
Wow, you're a smart one! You ACED this logic test, which means your IQ is quite high, way above average. This quiz apparently cannot track how high it is, since it is not made to check the most intelligent, but we have other IQ tests here you may want to try out. Congratulations for having a great brain!
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