Can You Define These Tricky English Words?

 Do you love English? Do you love learning new words, even if they aren't really in use anymore? Then you've found the right quiz! Prepare to be tested on your advanced English because most of these words are little known, and you need to figure out what they mean!
What is the meaning of the word: "Facetious"?
Someone who doesn't take the situation seriously
Someone who lies all the time
Someone who is pretending to be polite
Someone who covers their face in public
What is the meaning of the word: "Crapulous"?
Suffering the effects of too much food and drink
Feeling round and fat
Becoming bloated
Suffering the effects of being rotund
What is the meaning of the word: "Kerfuffle"?
Making a fuss out of something unimportant
A small fight between children
Originally, a fight to the death between gladiators
What soldiers used to call their burnt breakfasts
What is the meaning of the word: "Obsequious"?
Someone who is so nice it seems fake
Something redundant
Something that is present everywhere
Someone so mean they are barely human
What is the meaning of the word: "Pot-valor"?
Courage that comes from drinking alcohol
Courage that comes from being hungry
A low, barely existing type of courage
The courage of the lower classes
What is the meaning of the word: "Poppycock"?
An exclamation of disbelief
A title for land owners
A title for poppy farmers
A type of vermin that lives on poppies
What is the meaning of the word: "Effable"?
Something that can be described in words
Someone who can do no wrong
Someone who knows all
Something that is divine
What is the meaning of the word: "Exsanguine"?
A person who is bloodless, anemic
A person who extinguishes joy
A person who was happy but now is morose
A person who is no longer with the church
What is the meaning of the word: "Ragamuffin"?
A person who wears dirty and scruffy clothes
A person who cannot move any of their limbs
A person who looks like a doll
A person who is poor and hungry
What is the meaning of the word: "Meldrop"?
A drop of mucus in the nose
A drop of dew left on a plant leaf
The standard amount of medicine during the 19th century
A thousand drops
What is the meaning of the word: "Agelast"?
A person who never laughs
An object that lasts the pressures of time
A common medicine in the 50s for "longer living"
A person who manages a nursing home
What is the meaning of the word: "Discombobulate"?
Move someone to a place they don't know
Confuse someone
Make someone less comfortable
The process of acclimating to regular air after deep sea dives
What is the meaning of the word: "Woebegone"?
The name of a yellow flower
When someone is surrounded by sadness
Positive thinking
A type of poem made to gladden the heart
What is the meaning of the word: "Pantagruelian"?
Huge, enormous
Tiny, insignificant
A religion based on the pentagram
What is the meaning of the phrase: "Rug Rat"?
A small dog
A small child
A treasure hidden in plain view
A large mouse
Unfortunately, That's a Fail
Rare English words do not seem to be your cup of tea. That's all fine and dandy, since we hardly use any of these words anymore in common English, so it's not like you're missing out on something you're supposed to be using. That said, English is a joy to learn, and knowing more words and expanding your vocabulary is never a bad thing. Have a look at the correct answers below.
You Passed, But Not With Flying Colors...
You know some of these words, but you got less than half correct, which means you don't know a lot of old English words or words we hardly use any more. That's fine, we don't really need them anymore, but I bet you'd like to know more English words and expand the old vocabulary. To do so, have a look below to see the correct answers and add some new words to your lexicon.
You Did Great!
You got more than half of the answers right and maybe a bit more. Your vocabulary is impressive! Many of these words are lost to the world now, and more's the shame, since they are fantastic words well worth having in your lexicon.
You ACED This Test!
Wow, where did you get that fabulous vocabulary of yours? We're viridescent with envy! You know a lot of words that no one bothers to use anymore, and very few recall what they mean. We need more people with a big lexicon like yours, so English can once again become the sophisticated and gorgeous language it always was.
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