What Kind of People Irritate You?

 Unless you are quite the saint, you, like most of us, find certain types of people displeasing, even annoying. We all have types of people we'd rather avoid. Do you know which ones annoy you the most? Can we guess? Take our test and perhaps we shall...
What's your idea of a perfect weekend?
Working out
Being spontaneous and going with the flow
Something completely different!
Lots of down time at home
Home repair and gardening
Going out and meeting new people!
Which of the following is your biggest pet peeve?
People seeking attention
People complaining
People 'zoning out' when talked to
Overly enthusiastic people
Aggressive personalities
People being 'mystic'
People being anti-social
Choose a spirit animal:
How would you describe your communication style?
Quirky and humorous
Outgoing and upbeat
Abrupt and straight to the point
Reserved and succinct
Awkward and somewhat forced
All over the place
What's your first reaction when something goes wrong?
Walk away
I try not to react
Ask friends for help
To look for the bright side
Think pragmatically about possible solutions
Apologize immediately for anything I did wrong
What's your birth order?
Oldest child
Middle child
Youngest child
Only child
Choose an activity that speaks to you loudest:
Helping others
Working out
Getting drunk in a bar
How do you handle anger?
I express it calmly and rationally
I bottle it up and pretend it doesn't bother me
I let it go
I yell and scream
I break things
I do whatever is appropriate for the situation
I make sure everyone knows why I'm upset
What do you look for in a close friend?
A good sense of humor
Being outgoing
What place do you hate visiting?
The local supermarket
A hospital
A rally
An opera
A museum
A dance club
The Performer
You are really irritated by 'The Performer'. You can't stand people that must be the center of attention, sucking all of the air out of the room. Your modest, down to earth and grounded personality is the perfect contrast to these attention seekers who can't stand the thought they are not the center of attention wherever they go. <br><br>You don't understand why they need the constant approval of others. You're always thinking to yourself 'who needs this much attention? These limelight-crazed drama queens need you around for a dose of down-to-earth reality. So when you can, show them some kindness, it's a terrible urge they have, and they may spend a lot of their lives chasing it without satisfaction.
The Pessimist
Gosh, you can't stand those pessimists! Their glass is always half empty and yours is half full! By their very dark presence and moaning they take you away from your natural optimism. You can't stand their gloomy outlook on life and their self-fulfilling prophecies of doom. With all of the positivity and love in the world, you can't fathom walking around with your own personal dark cloud. Your natural enthusiasm for life just doesn't jive with those pessimistic Debbie downers! You are the person they need to bring some color into their monochrome world.
The Politician
Ugh, you really can't deal with those cunning and slick politician types. You can't stand people pleasers and smooth talkers. People who get their way by covering their words with the oil of semi-truths and outright lies. You say what you mean and you mean what you say, and it drives you up the wall with frustration when people flip flop just to get their way. Double speak has never been your forte and you'd rather be alone than surrounded with fake and power hungry personality types. You can always be relied on to expose their lies and call them on their BS!
The Idealist
What will we do with these idealists? They really annoy you. Those idealistic thinkers and dreamers completely disconnected from reality can really drive you insane with their huge plans that go nowhere and their wasted enthusiasm. <br><br>You too have big ideas and strong beliefs, but you are rational and down-to-earth enough to have difficulty understanding those who talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Idealists frustrate you most because they seem to lose their grasp on reality the more they talk about their ideas. It's as if they prefer to dream and not actually do anything to chase those dreams. You're exactly what they need to come back to earth and take a good look at reality.
The Artist
Ah, those 'artistic' types. You've never understood creative personality types with their head up in the clouds. They seem to think that their creativity is some kind of advantage over everyone else, no matter how little actual good in the world it actually creates. You tend to think they're a bit insane and narcissistic. You have no problem with art, but those flaky and strange artists just make you roll your eyes! Your practical and ambitious outlook on life is a stark contrast to dreamy artists. You're exactly what artists need to connect back to the real world.
The Introvert
You really can't stand hose sulky, moody and reclusive introverts who seem to disappear for days at time after the smallest of social gatherings. It make you wonder if there's really any hope in the world or if we are all going to be strangers to each other. You find their obsessive need for privacy and alone time completely foreign and even a bit bizarre. You can appreciate the occasional downtime but with such a fascinating social world buzzing all around you, you can't imagine turning inwards and ignoring all other people have to offer. In truth, it smacks you as snobbish and self-obsessed, even selfish. You wish you could get them to see the endless possibilities that come with getting out of their house and their routines.
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