Who Do You Look Up To?

There are kinds of people in this world we're sure you can't stand. On the other side of the coin, there must be people you look up to. We all have someone we admire, either certain people or a certain type of people. Some we adore because we want what they have, others we adore because they are like us. What kind of people do YOU look up to? Take our personality test and you'll find out!
Who do you think has a more valuable job?
Complete the Sentence: The people I dislike the most are...
Choose a person you admire:
Elon Musk
Alexander the Great
Marie Curie
Pablo Picasso
Do you have friends you look up to?
Yes, those who are smarter than I am
Yes, those who can create beautiful things
Yes, those that have a big heart
Yes, those who make me feel confident
What do you like to read about online or watch in the media?
Educational and scientific articles
Cultural, movie and art articles
Good news and pet videos
People doing incredible things and celebrity news
What do you feel like you haven't gotten yet in life?
Self fulfillment
Maximizing my own potential
Find a beautiful way to express myself
Live my life more confidently
Choose an animal you adore (or closest):
What kind of lecture would you like to hear?
How to reach your full potential
How to sculpture
How to give first aid
How to create great first impressions
What would you like to win?
A large sum of money
A gorgeous piece of art you cannot sell
10 expensive gifts you can only give to others
A new set of beautiful designer clothes every month forever
What do you think is the most important difference between humans and animals?
We're much smarter
We understand the concepts of good and bad
We understand the concepts of beauty and spirituality
We have a divine destiny and are the most important species
What would you like to see less of in the world?
Greed and competitiveness
Egoism and selfishness
Fear and worry
Successful or Brilliant People
This world is hard and unforgiving, filled with regular people. You have a lot of respect and admiration for those who have risen above the rest to shine with their personal successes. You also admire people who you deem very intelligent and brilliant, who you consider smarter than yourself. These are the people you want to be around, to learn from, to get inspired by and to have meaningful conversations with.
Artistic People
The world is a pretty boring place most of the time, but some people make it more colorful and beautiful. You have a lot of admiration for people who can take absolutely nothing and create something beautiful. Painters, sculptures, actors, writers and musicians, these are people you have enormous respect for, like to hang out with and love to have great and creative conversations with them. You like the way their mind works, the way they create lasting beauty and their unique view of the world, which is often inspirational and interesting.
Altruistic People
Life is hard, and anyone who makes it better for other people is someone you look up to. Whether you're someone who practices altruism or whether you wish you could have more of it, you have enormous respect for those who sacrifice their time, energy and enthusiasm for nothing other than the warm feeling inside they helped another. These are the people you want to see more of in the world, surround yourself and wish to spend time with.
Self Assured People
It seems to you like the people who get the most in this world are people with a healthy sense of security, pride and assertiveness. Perhaps you wish you were more like them, or perhaps you feel you fall into that category yourself. But you have enormous respect for those who obviously respect themselves. You are attracted to confident people, leaders and social stars that seem unflappable, always showing their best side and are entirely unafraid of others.
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