What Are You Trying to Hide?

Each of us has things we'd rather not talk about. Yes yes, you too. Even in the digital age saturated with social networks, where we are exposed more than ever, we try to leave at least one item of information about ourselves - to ourselves. We are sure you are great at keeping your secrets, but today we call on you to challenge us and see if we can find out and reveal them. To do this, you must answer the special test in which you will have to choose the item that appeals to you in a particular image, or choose the one that best suits you, according to the instructions and questions.
What do you find most appealing in this image?
The roadside plants
The mountains
The sky
The path
Choose a place to spend some solitary time in.
If you had to, which of these animals would you like to adopt?
Choose a color that feels threatening to you.
What do you most like about this room?
The stable and comfortable furniture
The large window and chandelier
The colored walls
The book collection
Pick a destination to go to in order to 'lose yourself' in.
New York
Your significant other is going to surprise you with something you like, such as...
Good food
A fluffy animal
A good book
You feel like hanging something in your favorite room. What is it?
A certificate/credentials
Family photo
A beautiful painting
Choose a terrific evening out.
A theatre show
Fun sports
Party / Concert
Fancy restaurant
Congratulations! You just won $200, what will you do with the money?
Buy more groceries
Something for the house
Buy toys for kids/grandkids
But something nice to wear
Pick a sunset that takes your breath away...
You have an extra empty shelf in your bedroom. What will you put there?
Important documents
Photos of the family
Nostalgic belongings
Income and Expenses
While others brag about the high salary they earn or, alternatively, resent the low income they get, you prefer to keep your monetary details to yourself. You do this not because you are a practical person who does not like to talk to others about your income. You may find it impolite or do you like the feeling it gives you no matter if you make more or less than others - you end up feeling envious or guilty. You also dislike telling others about your expenses like shopping, rent, how much you paid for gifts etc. Such behavior indicates that you are a realistic and sensible person, who understands that everything related to money - is better left unsaid. However, you may want to occasionally consult with those you trust, and see if you are earning properly and spending money accordingly.
Your Opinions of Others
There are quite a few people who like to voice their opinions about others - either to their faces or behind their back. You too have quite a few attitudes about those around you, this is because you tend to be a bit judgmental and mostly sure that your way is the best way, and therefore others should take it as well. In addition to this you believe in justice, and therefore it bothers you when a certain person behaves in a way that is perceived by you as inappropriate. However, you prefer to keep these opinions to yourself, whether because you do not want to hurt others or you just do not think they are meant to interest anyone. Your silence may be justified, but if the behavior of a person close to you bothers you, you should talk to him about it - you know, maybe they will appreciate it...
Current Thoughts and Emotions
With some people, just seeing their facial expressions are enough to understand how they feel. You are NOT one of these people. You make sure to smile, to answer that "everything is fine" when asked about your well-being and to maintain an image of one who is enjoying life, even when a storm is raging inside you. For you, no one needs to know what is going on in your life and how you feel at any given moment - you will already be dealing with it on your own. This behavior of yours isn't just a selfish thing, but also because you do care and think first of others, so you just do not want to worry and bother them with what is bothering you. However, no matter how strong you are, everyone has moments when they need a listening ear, and you too are allowed to share your feelings with others, it can be a remarkably helpful thing.
Events of the Past
There are quite a few people who take pride in what they went through in life - places they worked, events they went to or their childhood. Unlike them, you actually prefer to keep your history to yourself, whether because it is something negative you don't want to be reminded of, or you've had some kind of traumatic experience. Sometimes, you just feel like you've changed so much that person you once were is gone. So it's true you went through hardships until you got to your current place in life, but those helped you be reborn like a phoenix; taught you to adapt quickly to wherever you are. You have incredible power and ability to move forward with your life, no matter what obstacle you encounter or defeat you suffer, it pushes you to draw conclusions about your life and to embark on new and better paths. If you avoid sharing with others about your past because you fear it will cause them to turn away from you, remember that whoever truly loves you, will accept you not only as you are, but also as you were.
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