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These Unexpected Animal Visitors Charmed People

Unexpected encounters between wild animals and humans aren’t uncommon, but they can lead to some fascinating moments. Here, for example, we have featured some charming examples of wild animals and humans getting along just fine. From bears invading someone’s garden to a rescued parrot that didn’t want to let go of its savior, these encounters show once again that humans and wild animals can form a special bond. 

1. This hummingbird helmet is so cool! 

Animals and Humans, hummingbird helmet

2. A bear relaxing at a bear rescue center in Croatia. 

Animals and Humans, bear

3. This rescued parrot doesn't want to let go of its savior.

Animals and Humans, parrot

4. "Come on out, buddy. It's a wonderful day outside."

Animals and Humans, deer

5. A black racer snake found a comfy home in this hanging plant.

Animals and Humans, snake

6. Nothing unusual here. Just a man taking a giant tortoise out on a stroll...

Animals and Humans, tortoise

7. "Let's help these humans with gardening."

Animals and Humans, bear

8. This frog found the perfect chair! 

Animals and Humans, frog

9. Look at these little furballs resting in the shade of the potato plants!

Animals and Humans, rabbits

10. Someone seems to have made a new friend...

Animals and Humans, bird

11. This owl spent the whole day in someone's garden... And just kept staring at the window.

Animals and Humans, owl

12. This beautiful butterfly found a lovely home.

Animals and Humans, butterfly

13. What a beautiful black squirrel!

Animals and Humans, squirrel

14. This mantis appears to be plotting something sinister...

Animals and Humans, mantis

15. This lizard fell into a rinse bucket in someone's house and is floating entirely via surface tension.

Animals and Humans, lizard
All images source: Izismile
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