Skier Jokes

What do you call a slow skier?
A slopepoke!
Why did the hotdogger quit skiing at MaryJane?
Because it was the wurst stunt skier at Winter Park Resort.
Why did the skier from Helsinki dominate the downhill slalom competition?
He led the race from start to Finnish.
What do you call a very slow skier?
A slope-poke.
Skier in ER: Doc, I slipped on my way to the chairlift.
Doctor: Icy.
Why was the Copper Mountain skier taken to the emergency room?
He hurt his ski bum.
What happened to the skier who was injured the the top of the peak?
It's been all downhill from there.
Why did the blonde skier cut a hole near the top of her boyfriend's ski parka?
She wanted to give him the cold shoulder.
Why did the blonde skier only wear one boot?
Channel 7's weatherman said there was a 50% chance of snow.
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